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Natural Health

  • 10 Natural health and beauty products we’re loving this October

    Colourful autumn leaves hanging from a string

    This October, we’re loving products that protect and hydrate dry skin, boost the immune system, and support natural beauty in a mindful way. Give them a try and see if you don’t fall in love as well...

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  • How to bring relief to a child affected by eczema

    How to bring relief to a child affected by eczema

    It’s excruciating to watch your little one struggle with eczema. It affects her mood, her sleep, her quality of life—that’s a lot for a little person to deal with. Thankfully, there are ways you can help to improve her symptoms—and her life—during a flare-up. Read on to learn about tips and natural products that can soothe your child’s eczema. (Psst—they’re helpful for any child with sensitive skin, not just one with eczema!)

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  • Let’s Keep Our Kids Healthy this School Year - Here’s How

    Two happy young girls doing homework together

    The start of the school year—a time filled with change and emotion for the entire family, but especially for kids. We’re looking at products that can help your kids achieve and maintain optimal health during this new year of learning and growth.

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  • CBD Oil and Health

    CBD Oil and Health

    Have you heard of CBD Oil? Up till about a year and a half ago I certainly hadn’t, and yet now it is one of our most popular food supplements. There are a lot of claims made about it and a huge amount of interest in it, so this month I thought I would explore a little about what CBD is and where it comes from. It might be easier to start first what CBD oil is NOT:

    1. It’s not hemp oil (this is an oil produced from hemp seeds)
    2. It’s not medical cannabis or marijuana (these come from a different plant) and they contain THC which is what gives Cannabis users a high (CBD oil does not contain THC).

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  • Why Seaweed Belongs on Your Skin and in Your Diet

    A selection of seaweed food and body products available at Organico

    Plus, we have 10 easy ways to incorporate more seaweed into your diet and your skincare routine.

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  • Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil Ireland

    Since March 2018, Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oils have been increasingly difficult to source in Europe. We understand that this has been very frustrating for everyone so we wanted to explain why this is happening and also what we are doing about it. Firstly - why are Charlotte’s Web products unavailable...
  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Natural Underarm Care Routine

    5 Ways to Improve Your Natural Underarm Care Routine

    It’s time to show some long overdue love to our underarms.

    When it comes to underarms, we tend to focus on what we don’t want them to do. We don’t want them to be bumpy or to smell. We don’t want them to sweat or stain our clothes. But even those of us with an extensive face and skincare routine are happy to slather on deodorant and call it a day. For all that we expect of them, our armpits deserve more TLC than this!

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  • CBD Oil: The Lowdown on the Brands We Carry — plus a Giveaway!

    Header photo of beach with text: CBD Oil: The Lowdown on the brands we carry, plus a giveaway!

    We know how confusing the world of CBD oil products can be—for regular users and first-timers. So we’ve created this guide to help you get to know the brands we carry. And, you have the chance to win a free bottle!

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  • A Natural Approach to Oral Health

    Splat Charcoal Toothpaste Splat Charcoal Toothpaste

    We all know good oral hygiene is very important, and yet it is so often the last thing that we think of until just before we have to go to the Dentist. When we were children we always went to a Dentist in Clonakilty, so it was a day out, and for some unknown reason, although we were generally only allowed sugar once a week, we would always be taken for apple pie afterwards. Perhaps as a result of that pie, I don’t have any fear of visiting the Dentist - but it’s still an experience I try to limit as much as possible. So this month I decided to explore some of the new - and some of the the traditional - natural approaches to oral hygiene, including charcoal toothpaste, oil pulling and sweets and chewing gum that is actually good for your teeth!!

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  • Forming Healthy Habits for Mind and Body

    Hello everyone - I hope you had a magical Christmas and are feeling well rested and ready for the New Year! This time of year is a great time to start a new routine of self-care, for showing your body and mind a bit of love and getting into some good healthy habits. There are a lot of colds and flus around so it can be a good idea to pay attention to immune boosting nutrients, plus your digestive system might need a bit of TLC after the excesses of Christmas. And finally if you are feeling a little low - which happens to us all! - there are a few safe and natural things you can do to boost your mood.

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