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  • What’s Happening at Organico in June? Come and See!

    Art for Kelp Exhibition Opening Party: Friday, 1 June 4pm in Organico Cafe Exhibition runs: Monday, 28 May - Saturday, 23 June in Organico Cafe Join us in the cafe for the opening launch of an art exhibition which supports a cause near and dear to our hearts: Art for...
  • Organico Christmas Opening Hours

    CAFE Christmas OPENING HOURS The Café will close at 6pm on Saturday 23rd December It will re-open at 9am on Wednesday 3rd January 2018 SHOP Christmas OPENING HOURS The Shop will close at 6.15pm on Saturday 23rd December It will re-open at 10am on Wednesday 27th December (Closed New Years...
  • Taste of West Cork at Organico

    We are very excited about the events we are hosting for the taste of West Cork Festival. We have a wonderful evening planned with Dearbhla Reynolds from The Cultured Club who is coming all the way down from Belfast to cook us a 6 course tasting menu of cultured and...
  • Foods, Fermentation and Feasting

    Dearbhla Reynolds Dearbhla Reynolds will be Guest Chef at Organcio on 15th September

    This year at the Ballymaloe Literary Festival I was delighted to meet one of Ireland’s great fermentation enthusiasts, Dearbhla Reynolds. Dearbhla has written an amazing book on the vast subject of fermentation; called The Cultured Club – Fabulously Funky Fermentation Recipes, which was John McKenna’s Book of the Year for 2016. The book covers everything about fermentation - why you should be interested, how to go about it and dozens and dozens of fabulous recipes on fermenting everything from miso eggs to fermented hummus! Dearbhla is incredibly passionate about fermentation (as one would want to be to write a book on the subject!) and she is particularly interested in helping people to bring fermented foods firmly and fully into their diets and lives, rather than simply eating them as side dishes. But more on that and on the amazing feast we are planning to host with Dearbhla later... for now, why are we banging on about fermented foods anyway?

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  • Wine Club Exclusive Offer!

    Chateau Petite Roubie, Picpoul de Pinet Chateau Petite Roubie, Picpoul de Pinet 2015/16, AC Coteaux du Languedoc, France, €13.95, reduced to €11.95 for Wine Club Members! 12.5%, Organic, Vegan A delightful light-medium bodied organic white wine, with hints of white peach and flowers and refreshing acidity and balance. Picpoul is...
  • Treating Hay Fever Naturally

    Spring grasses give off pollen Spring grasses give off pollen

    Summer is certainly coming! Great news for most of us as we welcome the lengthening of the days, unfortunately for others this means the start of the dreaded hay fever season. Personally I have never suffered from this condition, but I have some family members who do and I know it can be really miserable. Hay fever is caused by an allergic reaction to pollen causing the release of histamine, which causes inflammation around the nose and eyes. Characteristic symptoms include red, itchy eyes, and a runny or congested nose, and can include a cough and an inflamed throat.

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  • 25 Years and Counting! The Story of Organico

    When my father Alan opened Organico I was 16, my sister Rachel was 13, Aoife was 10 and Jaime was only 7. We all absolutely LOVED playing shop, and we took to working Saturdays and school holidays like ducks to water! Thankfully 25 years later Rachel and I still love it and this month we are celebrating Organico’s 25th birthday and having big celebration to say a huge Thank You to all our friends, customers and suppliers. Our parents, Alan and Caroline Dare, were involved in a Wholefood Cafe and community center in Brighton - so you could say Organico completed that circle.

    In 1980 our parents moved to West Cork where they bought a small farm to start a family and a new life. My father was very industrious and started Glenlough Yoghurt, a live natural yoghurt business. He bought milk directly from local farmers that he trusted Read More...

  • Dr Maher’s Natural Skin Care

    Doctor Mahers I don’t know about you, but I love looking after my skin these days. Where brushing teeth can (wrongly I know!) feel like a chore, taking care of my skin feels like a treat, especially when I find natural products that suit me. Unfortunately many of the compounds in beauty products are not good for us and some are downright toxic. The problem with applying products laced with petrochemical compounds on your skin is that our skin is a really good delivery system for things we want to get into our body (think insulin patches, nicotine patches, hormone patches). So what you put on your skin is going to end up in you blood stream as sure as if you injected or ate it.  Therefore it’s important to look for skin care products that contain ingredients which have the same purity and quality you’d look for in the foods you choose to eat, and In terms of having beautiful and well-nourished skin, products containing high-quality plant-based ingredients are simply a better choice. Read More...
  • Come and bake at Organico

    We're currently looking for a baker for our Bakery in Bantry. This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced baker who has an interest in handmade sourdough breads.

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