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  • Rested, Healthy, and Focused Kids: Hannah's Habits for Back to School

    Hannah Dare in the kitchen of Organico Cafe

    With two young kids, Hannah Dare, co-owner of Organico, has developed loads of tips for helping kids transition from summer holidays into the new school year. Continue reading

  • How to bring relief to a child affected by eczema

    How to bring relief to a child affected by eczema

    It’s excruciating to watch your little one struggle with eczema. It affects her mood, her sleep, her quality of life—that’s a lot for a little person to deal with. Thankfully, there are ways you can help to improve her symptoms—and her life—during a flare-up. Read on to learn about tips and natural products that can soothe your child’s eczema. (Psst—they’re helpful for any child with sensitive skin, not just one with eczema!)

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  • Let’s Keep Our Kids Healthy this School Year - Here’s How

    Two happy young girls doing homework together

    The start of the school year—a time filled with change and emotion for the entire family, but especially for kids. We’re looking at products that can help your kids achieve and maintain optimal health during this new year of learning and growth.

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  • How to calculate your sun protection period and Tan naturally by Hannah Dare

    What an amazing start to our summer this year - a sizzling heat wave in May! I thought this month I would take a look at the difference between natural and chemical sunscreens, because I think it’s good to be informed about what you are putting on your skin and the skin of your precious children. Cheap sunscreen may mean you don’t burn in the short term, but it’s long term good health we are interested in and the cocktail of chemicals they contain are very concerning.

    I also came across a handy way of calculating how long you can stay in the sun both with and without sunscreen depending on the factor you have chosen.

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  • Probiotic Protection from Bugs

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A selection of our great Digestive Wellness and Probiotic range at Organico

    At this time of the year it can often feel like we are conducting a relentless war against bacteria and viruses and that the baddies are winning! Rather than battling the bugs once we’ve already caught something perhaps we need to think more in terms of preparation. By maintaining microbial balance and harmony within our bodies we may be stronger and more able to stay well when we do encounter a bug. What is interesting to me is that even in the conventional medical world, scientists are arguing that we should abandon the language of warfare and rather than use antibiotics to slaughter all the bacteria in our system, we should manage our inner wildlife.

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  • Raw Milk - a true natural Superfood!

      Fermoy Raw Milk at Organico When I was a child the milk we drank came straight from Daisy, our Hereford milking cow. It was delicious, creamy, fresh, and unprocessed or raw (Raw Milk is milk in its natural state that has not been pasteurised or homogenised). When Daisy was...
  • Back to School naturally - Vitamin C, Nasal Wash, Aconite, Vitamin D, Colloidal Silver

    It really is that time again! Soon the uniforms will be dusted off, the lunch boxes lids have been located and the first few days will be over. With colder days ahead we have to be prepared for the discomforts that cooler weather brings and in terms of back to...

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