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  • Organico Presents Aoife O'Brien

    Organico Cafe is delighted to present work by Cork artist Aoife O'Brien. Aoife's work is subtle yet it draws you in - I concur with her statement below that her work is evocative of places we might have known. This show really is worth a visit! Artists Statement Visual perception...
  • Organico Bakery Countrywide Price List

    We have just started shipping our breads and cakes (although not the iced ones yet!) to the whole of Ireland - we have had inquiries over the years but have never actually worked it all out. Now we have found an excellent courier service (Fastways) who aim for next day...
  • Seaweed - healing nourishing superfoods

    In our enthusiasm for rare ancient “Superfoods’’ which we hope might unlock the secret of eternal health, we can often overlook the simple, abundant, local foods that might enrich our health. I think one of the most overlooked foods locally is seaweed. This month I decided to focus on seaweed and share some of the amazing information I have read about the benefits of adding it to our diet.

    Historically in Ireland seaweeds have been used in soups and stews, as a cough remedy/convalescent food, for pain-reducing baths, as a glaze for pottery, an ingredient in soap, Continue reading

  • Stainless Steel Bottles in Ireland

    If you are looking for an alternative to plastic bottled water we've found a great stainless steel bottle range! They are non toxic (made from food grade stainless steel - so they don't need a liner like aluminium bottles), recycleable, durable and great fun colours. Buy our stainless steel bottles...
  • Real Nappy Consultations @ Organico Bantry

    Hello to all brave parents out there who are considering Real Nappies! Don't worry, it's very straight forward, if it wasn't I wouldn't be using them myself every day. If you have the time, I would suggest coming down to lovely Bantry Town and booking a Real Nappy Consultation with...
  • How healthy is milk?? By Hannah Dare

    How healthy is milk?? By Hannah Dare of Organico Bantry. (Published in the West Cork People October 2010)

    We are constantly told that milk and dairy products are essential for our health. But what if that is simply not true? What if, instead, milk products are not suitable for adults and should be only eaten very rarely? This month I have been reading about milk and its connections to serious illnesses like breast and prostate cancer, and looking at whether it is actually a good source of minerals or protein. Given that I really enjoy cheese and milky coffee, this has been difficult to research, but I am more and more convinced that we should enjoy dairy products as a treat rather than as the backbone of our diet. Have a read and see what you think.
    Continue reading

  • Meal Idea: Warm Puy Lentils and Brown rice served with roasted vegetables and feta cheese

    I'd like to start a new section of the website devoted to Simple Meal Ideas, meaning not quite recipes but more inspiration to help you decide what to eat at those times when you just can't think! I'm planning to invite customers and friends to add theirs also so we...
  • Organico Organic Week Competition Winners 2010

    And the 2010 Organico winners are: Rik Appleby for his wonderful slogan: ''I love organic, it's energetic, no process, all most-ness, soul food, whole food, cleanses the mind, empowers the body and makes us shine!'' Well done Rik - your goody bag will be waiting for you! Runners up are...
  • Therapy Room available in Organico Bantry

    Organico Bantry has a newly finished Therapy Room suitable for one to one talking or physical sessions available for rent immediately. Please contact Hannah Dare with your qualifications including how long you have been established as a Therapist. We have 3-month starting rates for people who are starting up a...
  • Organico Baby Zone

    Well, it's truly Autumn now, and Lucy and I are off to the toddler swimming group in the chlorine-free pool near Pearson's Bridge. I can't wait to see how she reacts to all the water - she loves water - and all the other toddlers (she also loves toddlers!)! In...

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