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Natural Remedies

  • The Menopause-A journey home to oneself! By Elizabeth Ewing from Organico, Bantry.

    One day I was sauntering along the main shopping street in Bantry, enjoying the sunny day and the agreeable buzz of the shoppers, when a car drew up sharply on the opposite side of the road and a harassed faced woman, yelled out across the noise of the traffic “are...
  • Safe sun and enjoying the great out doors by Elizabeth Ewing of Organico, Bantry.

    The time of year between the spring equinox and mid-summer is for me the most wonderful. I begin to spend more and more time outside, while the days are lengthening and the sun is starting to feel stronger the layers of clothes that I happily swaddled myself in through the...
  • Natural Remedies for Hair Loss during and after Pregnancy

    Post Pregnancy Hair Loss is very common and can be very upsetting. It can be just part of the cycle of Hair growth, but it is still a good idea to make sure of your nutrient levels so as to prevent un-necessary damage to your hair. 1. Many women suffer...
  • Seaweed - healing nourishing superfoods

    In our enthusiasm for rare ancient “Superfoods’’ which we hope might unlock the secret of eternal health, we can often overlook the simple, abundant, local foods that might enrich our health. I think one of the most overlooked foods locally is seaweed. This month I decided to focus on seaweed and share some of the amazing information I have read about the benefits of adding it to our diet.

    Historically in Ireland seaweeds have been used in soups and stews, as a cough remedy/convalescent food, for pain-reducing baths, as a glaze for pottery, an ingredient in soap, Continue reading

  • Maca for Health and Vitality

    Maca is a recently-popular product that I have noticed people talking about – mostly for menopause symptoms, PMT, and increased fertility in men and women, but also as a superfood to give energy, improved adrenal function, better sleep, and help for mild depression. A friend of mine recently had surgery...
  • Herbs for healthy sleep

    Triple herbal combination: An effective alternative to benzodiazepines This is the title of a study into the effect of using a combination of valerian, hops and passiflora to help with sleep, whilst coming off benzodiazepenes. Benzodiazepines are a group of sedative drugs and the patients taking part in this study...
  • Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

    This seems a bit out of date with the recent sunshine here in West Cork, but I wrote it in the depths of winter and forgot to post it (I think it's called Baby Brain, a dangerous forgetful condition you can develop when you have a Young One...!) Anyway...

    The short dark days of the early New Year leave many of us feeling a little blue – Why is that? Lack of direct sunlight and vitamin D deficiency is a significant factor in the development of SAD, or the ‘winter blues’. This month I’m focusing on Vitamin D. I have been taking vitamin D for a while as there has been so much recent research on the myriad of health benefits it offers, so I thought I’d provide some of the information I have gathered so you can see if you think it might be something that would benefit you. Continue reading

  • Healthy Digestion; Healthy Body

    Digestive complaints are common and debilitating. We are bombarded with advertising for products that will help with bloating, acid, stomach aches but remember there are some very effective free remedies that will help your digestion.

    1. Remember your mother’s advice – chew your food!
    2. Leave time between meals for digestion.
    3. Drink more water.

    Continue reading

  • Treat your skin naturally! Fun, effective and healthy beauty products in Organico Bantry

    It’s officially winter now and for most of us this means long hours in work, not much time spent in daylight let alone sunshine and lots of telly and indoor activities. I have chosen this month for focusing on Skincare, because when our skin is in good health we can...
  • Immune-boosting foods by Hannah Dare Organico Bantry

    Hi everyone, We are all very aware of the need to keep our immune system in good working order at the moment. I have compiled a quick list of immune boosting foods and some natural remedies that might help keep you healthy or help fight a cold or viral infection...

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