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Have You Tried These Products from Our Local Suppliers?

In Ireland we are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to producers and suppliers of natural, wholesome products. We don’t take this for granted at Organico. We’re always looking for new opportunities to get the goods from the best of Ireland’s makers into your hands. It’s somewhat of a mission for us.

We’ve made this list of some of our local suppliers that we think you should definitely know about and make a point to try for yourself. But don't think for a second these are the only Irish producers we have on offer. This is only the first in a series of posts that feature Organico's beloved Irish producers.

Fresh Produce

In the cafe, we’re always interested to see what Glensallagh Gardens has for us. This beautiful organic farm in West Cork brings us unique and unusual varieties of salad leaves, Italian greens and potatoes - like the pink fir apple potato.

One of the best parts of this job is the long-term relationships we build with the people who produce our food. Two of these people are Tony and Kristin, owners of a farm near Ballingeary. For over 20 years (!) they’ve supplied Organico with fresh produce including organic salad leaves, spinach, courgettes and peas.

Fruit Hill Farm here in Bantry was one of the first organic agricultural holdings in Ireland when they started in 1988. In the summer months, we're spoiled by the tomatoes and cucumbers they supply to us.


Peppermint Farm here in Bantry supplies us with beautiful blends of organic tea. Owner Doris Hoffman expertly blends her teas by hand using organic herbs she grows herself and the freshest ingredients she can find throughout the world.

Intelligent Tea out of Dublin produces chemical-free, loose-leaf teas and sources wild Irish herbs and plants to add to their blends. Each blend is caffeine-free and supports the optimal functioning of different systems throughout the body.


You can be sure The Cultured Food Company maximizes the nutrition of its products. Owner Hayley Milthorpe naturally ferments each unpasterurised kraut to retain its belly-loving nutrients. There's no better way to perk up a meal than with one of her flavour-packed krauts or kimchi.

It couldn’t be easier to boost the nutritional and taste impact of your meals than with the seaweed seasonings from The Laughing Oyster. Producer David Andrews sustainably harvests his seaweeds then dries and transforms them into products which are as easy and versatile to use as salt and pepper.


To taste milk any fresher and natural than what the Fermoy Natural Cheese Co. supplies us, you’d have to own and milk the cow yourself. Owners and dairy farmers Frank and Gudrun Shinnick are two of a very small group of registered raw milk producers in Ireland. The flavour and nutrition you’ll get from their unpasteurised and unhomogenized milk is on a whole different level of anything conventionally produced.

We also love Gloun Cross Milk from near Crookstown. Arriving fresh 3 times a week direct from the farm, Glour milk is presented in re-usable glass bottles that people bring back to us and we send back to Kevin and his team to be refilled. The milk is unhomogenized as well so the first person who grabs the bottle gets to enjoy the cream.


The lovely products from Wasi Seaweeds are produced just outside Bantry along the Wild Atlantic Way. Founder Claire O’Sullivan hand-harvests wild seaweeds in accordance with traditional techniques then blends them into nutrient-dense and easy-to-use pestos.

Natural foods chef Katie Sanderson produces White-Mausu Peanut Rāyu, a product we love drizzled over so many foods including eggs, tofu, vegetables, greens, grains and toast. Katie’s upbringing in Hong Kong inspired the strong flavours in this condiment which include tamari, chili flakes, garlic and honey.


From Dr. Maher’s in Kerry we get natural hypoallergenic skincare products. Biochemist Neil Maher is the creator of this unscented range full of beneficial ingredients including seaweeds. Each product in this small, powerful line is designed to care for all kinds of irritated and dry skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.

Kinvara, based in Galway, is owned by Joanne Reilly who was inspired by the locals of Sumatra and Mauritius who turn to nature to cure their ailments. Her line of skincare is based on effective plant-derived ingredients that promote pleasure while addressing problems.

The deodorant creams from Warrior Botanicals are handcrafted in small batches by Reidin Beattie in West Cork. She uses wholesome, sustainable ingredients that nourish the skin while banishing odor. To see why we love these creams and other natural deodorants, have a look at our post 5 Ways to Improve Your Natural Underarm Care Routine.

These are just a few of the Irish suppliers we wouldn’t want to live without and we love to share with you. With such a bounty of great products, it really is easy to support Ireland's producers and local businesses.

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