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  • How to calculate your sun protection period and Tan naturally by Hannah Dare

    What an amazing start to our summer this year - a sizzling heat wave in May! I thought this month I would take a look at the difference between natural and chemical sunscreens, because I think it’s good to be informed about what you are putting on your skin and the skin of your precious children. Cheap sunscreen may mean you don’t burn in the short term, but it’s long term good health we are interested in and the cocktail of chemicals they contain are very concerning.

    I also came across a handy way of calculating how long you can stay in the sun both with and without sunscreen depending on the factor you have chosen.

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  • Organic Week Kids Morning at Organico!! Saturday 16th September 11am -12

    Free Painting Competition for 4 - 6 year olds and 7 – 9 year olds (supervised by parents please). Younger children also welcome. Topic ‘This is why I love organic’ Natural painting materials provided (Earth Paints - see left); free children’s hot chocolate for every child and a prize for...
  • Halloween Treats - the healthy way!!!

    It's the only time of the year I find myself buying crappy sweets and boxes of cheap chocolates to give away - feeling under pressure to play the game. But our kids don't need more sugar - so I'm going to try amd make a workable list of alternatives... Why...
  • Buddha Bunz Wollen Dryer Balls

    We are delighted to be finally stocking Buddha Bunz Dryer Balls - if you use them in your tumble dryer they reduce static, speed up your drying time and make your clothes all soft and fluffy without needing chemicals. Great for your pocket and great for the environment!
  • Natural Remedies for Hair Loss during and after Pregnancy

    Post Pregnancy Hair Loss is very common and can be very upsetting. It can be just part of the cycle of Hair growth, but it is still a good idea to make sure of your nutrient levels so as to prevent un-necessary damage to your hair. 1. Many women suffer...
  • Real Nappy Consultations @ Organico Bantry

    Hello to all brave parents out there who are considering Real Nappies! Don't worry, it's very straight forward, if it wasn't I wouldn't be using them myself every day. If you have the time, I would suggest coming down to lovely Bantry Town and booking a Real Nappy Consultation with...
  • Organico Baby Zone

    Well, it's truly Autumn now, and Lucy and I are off to the toddler swimming group in the chlorine-free pool near Pearson's Bridge. I can't wait to see how she reacts to all the water - she loves water - and all the other toddlers (she also loves toddlers!)! In...
  • Organico Baby Club re-launched as Organico Baby Zone on Facebook

    We are now re-launching Organico Baby Club as Organico Baby Zone. Come and find us on Facebook...thanks for all the support and lets say it together now: we love babies!
  • Great Bantry massage therapist - meet Noreen McCarthy

    Pregnancy massage, infant massage instruction, Lomi Lomi, sports massage and much more. Noreen McCarthy is a very highly qualified and experienced massage therapist. I had heard very good things about her from friends who were her clients and I was very impressed when she came to 'Babytalk' (a Healthboard-run group...
  • Organico Baby Zone - cloth nappy advice

    For advice on how to use Little Comfort Nappies for smaller babies, check out this YouTube video. Even after using the nappies for months I found this useful! For newborn -4 months approx. For 4 months plus check out this video...

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