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Sonett Laundry Powder Colour Sensitive (1.2K)

Sonett Laundry Powder Colour Sensitive (1.2K)
Efficient but gentle cleaning and stain removing powder, suitable for coloured laundry.

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Sonett Laundry Powder Colour Sensitive (1.2K) 

The main active ingredient of the Sonett Laundry Powder Color Sensitive is organic soap, manufactured from various plant-based oils from organic cultivation. Soap as an active washing substance uniquely amalgamates all of the properties required for the washing process – the moistening, dissolving, and absorbing of dirt. The other active ingredient is organic Quillaja. By extracting the liquid from the bark of the South American organic Quillaja saponaria, a stain-removing agent is obtained which is highly efficient yet gentle on the colours and develops its cleansing performance even at low temperature.

Coloured and delicate fabrics made from cotton, linen, synthetic fibres and fabric blends are washed very efficiently, the laundry powder being gentle on the colours; from as low as 20 °C.

Zeolite, sodium soap*, sodium citrate, coco glucoside, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, sodium bicarbonate, Quillaja saponaria* *certified organically grown


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