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Psyllium Husks (250g)

Psyllium Husks (250g)
At Organico, we often recommend Psyllium Husks as an aid to digestive health and detoxification.

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Psyllium Husks:
  • Can contribute to a sense of fullness which may prevent over-eating and help you regulate your weight.
  • Can promote the growth of your healthy bacteria and the food they need to thrive, which may help enhance your immune system's ability to promote good immune health.
  • Can slow your absorption of sugars, which has the potential to promote healthy blood glucose levels.
  • Can add "bulk" to your stool as it supports regularity and elimination.
  • Important: Psyllium Husks must always be taken with plenty of water to prevent dehydration. As a rough guide, take 1 teaspoon in a glass of water or juice, followed by another glass immediately afterwards.

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