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Nua Naturals organic Rice Protein - Berry

Nua Naturals organic Rice Protein - Berry
Berry brown rice protein powder provides a convenient plant-based source of protein that is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It is also perfect for those with dairy, soy and/or gluten allergies.

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Nua Naturals organic Rice Protein - Berry (250g) Rice protein is a plant-based protein isolate that is an alternative to whey and soy protein.

What does it taste like?
The natural Berry flavour of rice protein powder is a mild, sweet, slightly woody flavour, making it good to blend into juices and smoothies.

How to Use
  • Blend into Smoothies
  • Bake into protein bars
  • Sprinkle over morning cereal

    Recommended Dosage
    10g daily

    As with all natural foods, it is best to start small and work up to the recommended daily dosage
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