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Organic Recipes

  • Rachel’s Sugar-Free Vegan Flapjacks are the perfect school snack

    Sugar-free vegan flapjack with glass of milk and scattered dates

    Get Rachel’s simple recipe for vegan Flapjacks made with whole food ingredients and zero sugar. Wholesome, nourishing, and sweet enough for kids to love. Continue reading

  • Grapefruit and Avocado Salad with Peanut Rayu Dressing

    Grapefruit and Avocado Salad with Peanut Rayu Dressing

    White Mausu Peanut Rayu, one of our favourite Irish food products, makes an easy, flavour-packed dressing for this fresh and simple salad. Continue reading

  • Sprouted Banana Bread Recipe—So Tasty and Nutritious

    Loaf of sprouted banana bread on a chopping board next to bananas and bread knife
    Rachel's recipe for banana bread is so delicious and made even more nutritious than the usual recipes with the use of sprouted flour from Durrow Mills—great for digestion—and maple syrup as its only sweetener. Plus, the star ingredient, banana, is full of gut-loving fiber. Continue reading

  • Baked Sprouted Crepes with Spring Greens and Ricotta

    Baked Sprouted Crepes with Spring Greens and Ricotta
    A delicious, satisfying recipe for trying out sprouted flour: a nutritionally rich, easier-to-digest form of wheat flour. Continue reading

  • Rachel’s Gluten-Free American-Style Pancakes

    A plate of homemade gluten-free pancakes topped with yogurt, blueberries, hazelnuts and honey beside a cup of coffee and a jar of honey
    It doesn't take much effort to get these delicious gluten-free pancakes on your breakfast table. Who's ready for a treat? Continue reading


    Ingredients 450g white spelt flour (we also do 50/50 white and brown spelt which are really popular) 50g caster sugar Pinch of salt 1 heaped tsp baking powder 70g butter, diced 200mls buttermilk or kefir 1 egg 120g Organico’s mincemeat To make: Preheat your oven to 250 degrees. Mix the...

    Winter Veg

    Soup is one of the simplest, most satisfying and economical meals to make. If you can make a good soup you can always feed your family and friends whatever you have in the cupboard. Unlike salads which need to be made from the brightest, most vibrant vegetables, soup can be made using up all the veg you have left at the end of the week, which means they will always be slightly different - but if you get the base right they will always be tasty. A good bowl of soup is like a hug from an old friend, something that brightens up even the dullest of days!

    This recipe will easily serve 2-4 people depending on hunger levels. Continue reading

  • Meet the staff: Laura Twomey

    Laura with a fresh tray of cherry slices      Laura with a fresh tray of cherry slices.


    Laura joined us in February of this year, having graduated from college a few months before with a BSc Nutritional Sciences degree, so as you can imagine, she is a great asset to our team. She says…

    I’ve always loved baking from a young age (I’ve a serious sweet tooth!) but while I was studying in college, I realised what I was making wasn’t exactly the best for my health so I started experimenting with recipes and discovered a whole different way of baking. I began sharing my creations online and after a while built up the courage to create my own blog called ‘Tee’s Nutrition’ so I could share with others my passion for discovering nutritious recipes and food. The blog’s grown to Facebook and Instagram as well and everyone’s been really supportive. Continue reading

  • Laura's Peanut Cacao Raw Ball Recipe

    Laura's Peanut Cacao Raw Balls    Laura's Peanut Cacao Raw Balls

    Ingredients (makes approx. 10-15 balls)

    • 200g soft dates (soak in boiling water if hard)
    • 75mls water (measure from water that dates were soaked in)
    • 80g cacao powder
    • 150g gluten free oats
    • 50g desiccated coconut
    • 50ml maple syrup
    • 20g cacao nibs
    • 300g crunchy peanut butter
    • Pinch of salt

    Continue reading

  • Hannah's  simple breakfast muffin

    I am always trying out different things for weekday breakfasts as I just don’t find that porridge keeps me going in the mornings. Recently I have started baking simple fruity egg and banana muffins, which are tasty, nutritious and really easy to make. I’m not a big home baker but these muffins are quick and the kids love joining in so I make them after school and keep them in a tupperware box in the fridge for the next few mornings.

    This recipe is both flourless and sugarless and these muffins make a great high-protein way to start the day. At first it can seem strange to bake a muffin without flour but it’s really worth trying! The result is slightly more sweet-omelette than traditional muffin but trust me they work.

    Continue reading

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