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  • Why Use Real Nappies? by Jessica Mason and Hannah Dare

    €€€ For Saving Money €€€ By the time your baby is potty trained he or she could have had as many as 4000 to 6000 nappy changes, or more!! So whilst all parents will have become a dab hand at a swift nappy change, parents who choose disposables end up...
  • Pregnancy and Baby resources, Bantry West Cork

    Here are a number of local resources for pregnancy and afterwards - any you can see I've missed, please let me know! Betty O’Toole for Shiatsu Massage and Pregnancy Yoga 087 7972059 Jessie Field for Pregnancy Yoga (and hopefully for mum and baby yoga in the autumn!) 086 0766608 Claire...
  • Real Cloth Nappies Online (Cork, Ireland)

    We are adding Little Comfort Real Cloth Nappies to our Online Shop. We are offering a great limited offer of 20% off on the Little Comfort Full Starter Pack, which contains all you need to make Real Nappies work. The secret is to have enough nappies so that you can wash every 2/3 days or twice a week, and the Full Pack allows this flexibility.

    Little Comfort is an Irish company based in Donegal. Their nappies are very well designed, with one size fitting new-born up to toddler, and are made from bamboo which is very absorbent. They are a great fit, and close with poppers, not a pin in sight! Each nappy comes with 2 boosters that pop in which make them very easy to dry. I can say from experience that these nappies are easy to use, even my husband recommends them!

    Why Use Real Nappies?

    Real Nappies save the environment - in Ireland approximately 600,000 nappies are used every day and the environmental impact of this hardly bears thinking about. Disposable nappies take 100's of years to break down, not to mention the environmental cost in producing and shipping them. So using Real Nappies is a very easy way to reduce you carbon footprint.

    Real Nappies also save you money. Continue reading

  • Organico Baby Club Offers

    For the foreseeable future we are running these fantastic special offers...we'll be adding more as we go!!! Little Comfort ‘Real Nappies’: 20% off full packs and packs of 5 nappies. This means the Full Pack (containing 20 nappies, 8 covers, and various accessories) costs €245 instead of €307. The Day...
  • 20% Off Real Nappies from Little Comfort

    Update: We are now offering €100 off! We are delighted to be stocking Real Nappies made by Little Comfort, an Irish Company based in Co Donegal. The Luxury Bamboo Nappy pack is now available in our online baby shop here and we are currently running a limited offer with 20...
  • Eco Balls - a great way to save money while you save the planet!

    We love Eco Balls from Ecozone, an English company who make great eco-friendly products. Eco Balls are an alternative to laundry detergent, and from my expereince they clean pretty much everything including baby's nappies (they are especially good for this since they are anti-bacterial). You use 3 of them in...
  • Helios Homeopathic Kits

    Organico Bantry is now stocking the full range of Helios Homeopathic kits. We have the Traveller's Kit, the Birth Kit and both the 18 and 36 Home Prescribing Kits. Helios Homeopathic Kits are very useful for both the amateur and the experienced homeopathic user. Having used the Traveller's Kit when...
  • Baby Care - weaning article by Jessica Mason

    Introducing food to babies

    What and when to feed your baby is a very individual process that has to suit both parent and baby, and more often than not will be dictated by your baby’s preferences anyway. Having just negotiated and explored the world of food with my baby I wanted to share some thoughts, recipes and ideas. For all babies it is advised to avoid dairy and gluten for the first year, which suits perfectly a healthy whole food diet. It is recommended to exclusively breastfeed your baby for the first six months and then start to introduce solids, however all babies are different. My baby boy, Archer, was really interested in food by 14 or 15 weeks, so not even four months, making a goldfish mouth whenever he saw us eating which was highly amusing! He then became really hungry; waking for feeds every hour and a half in the night when he had been sleeping much better!! So I read the signs, and although I was exclusively breastfeeding, started to give him solids around 16 weeks. The WHO guidelines state that Continue reading

  • Healthy and happy babies by Hannah Dare

    I’ve recently had my first baby, so this month I am going to focus on all things baby-related! Everyone wants a healthy, happy baby. A calm relaxed parent is one important key to having a happy baby and I’ve found that by informing myself on all kinds of approaches to parenting I’ve been able to make my own way. When it comes to baby health, naturally I’m a fan of using natural products. By reducing the chemicals and additives that your baby is exposed to in your home, on your baby’s skin, in their food, and in your food you are giving your baby a great start to life.

    Organico Baby Club

    As well as being amazing, having a new baby in the house can be confusing, expensive and traumatic! I have decided to launch a Baby Club at Organico to try to help reduce the confusion and cost of new parenthood. The Organico Baby Club will give members access to useful information, new parent get-togethers, and lots of discounts on nappies, food, formula, wipes and other essentials at Organico. Membership is free, just call in and sign up. The Baby Club Goodie bag contains a great article on healthy weaning by Jessica Mason (Jess works in Organico kitchen and is a fantastic cook!).
      Continue reading

  • Coming Soon! Organico Baby Club

    Organico is expanding further into the natural baby market. Unsurprising, given my recent arrival! We already stock Nanny formula, Nature Care nappies, Hipp organic formula, Ella's Kitchen organic (delicious) pouches, Holle dried baby food and a selection of Hipp baby finger foods as well as miscellaneous items. Soon though we...

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