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Our community’s tips for staying strong and positive during isolation

Woman on yoga mat in forward fold

What’s getting you through your day? We asked the Organico community, and they gave us a load of interesting and inspiring answers.

A lot of us are at home right now social distancing, and it’s easy to assume that everyone’s doing the same things...and it’s also easy to get stuck in a rut doing the same things day in, day out.

So we asked our community to tell us how they’re coping with everything that’s going on, and we got some great answers and inspiring ideas for filling the days at home and getting through these challenging times.

Spending Time in the Garden

Rows of seedlings in planters

When I get overwhelmed I check on and water all the new plants I've put in the ground over the last few days. I put a hammock in my polytunnel too! So I'm guarding the new plant beds from the cats by being on alert in the hammock *ahem*.
-Tracy W.

Meditation, gardening or yoga. But definitely gardening at the moment with such beautiful weather.
-Ruth O.

Working in my garden. Today I planted 3 rows of peas.
-Corrie K.

Planting seeds in the greenhouse, sitting by the fire teaching myself to play the tin whistle, and eating.
-Ron S.

Exercising the Mind and Body

Woman's legs running up concrete stairs in running shoes

Reading, running and wine (not all at the same time).
-Ameleah W.

I go for a little walk!
-Sarah T. W.

My family are going for a short cycle every day—learning about road cycling on slightly safer roads is one small positive of this whole experience!
-Hannah Dare

Getting fresh air, in whatever capacity, is one of the most important things right now as you want to avoid that 'indoorsy' feeling! Use this exercise as often as you'd like, it is a great tool, like many other methods, for slowing down the thought processes, gaining greater control and a supercharged sense of ‘ummph’ towards all the tasks that are in front of you for the day!
-Gabin O.

We really like Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, and are now doing the P.E. with Joe Wicks sessions with the kids in the mornings.
-Jessica M-L.

running/cycling/online fitness classes, spending time with my boys. ❤️

For me it's yoga —I've started doing 30 minutes first thing to start the day & then 30 minutes when my 'working from home' day ends. It's really helping me find some balance & mental 'time out' to all this madness!
-Becky H.

Torso and legs of woman sitting on floor in cross-legged position practicing yoga

I teach locally and I am posting weekly yoga and Pilates classes which are free for everyone to keep moving. On YouTube under Aileen Slein, I post them once a week :)
-Aileen G.

Aileen’s yoga classes are really great.
-Brid H.

Down Dog Yoga app are offering free access for April—brilliant yoga app where you can tailor the practise to your individual needs.
-Amy O.

I second that; great app, helps you keep active.
-Fatima B.

I stay with routine as much as possible. Finding it difficult a lot of the time. I do yoga meditation however I’m not grounded. Breathing exercise I find the best when I know I’m out of sync. A lot of my days are a blur; it must be fear that takes over. I have started back on Qigong, I know that will help me.
-Eileen O.

Walking the dog and doing yoga and Qigong as usual.
-José N.

I'm going on 73 and have found I can do a good walk right around my house on the pathway. Five times round. And I have just found a new YouTube fitness video from the English National Ballet.
-Wendy B.

Cooking and Hobbies

Person's hands holding chef's knife and slicing cucumber

My day starts with juicing your lovely veggies every morning in my slow juicer (all greens) and a lot of walking in this beautiful nature...feeling very blessed to be
playing music and teaching online and hopefully will get back to painting soon.
-Tina M.

I bought a new toy—a vacuum sealer and I am having a frenzy of vacuum packing all sorts of lovely veggies to make them keep longer. And I brewed up a lovely roasted red pepper salad :) and put that in the vacuum too.
-Wendy B.

As a staff member, I'm sure missing all the lovely contact and interaction with my organico family. But I've been cooking loads at home, hearty meals full of goodness. Drawing, playing guitar, painting, writing, isolated walks in woods in nature, reaching out to friends and family and sending as much positivity as I can muster. So good to know we have a support in our community and neighbors. Hold tight everyone ❤️
-Aoife L.

I love being home and having the chance to cook yummy meals I usually don’t have time to make. Last night was aubergine parmigiana with leftover quinoa/ roasted veg/ feta salad. Trying to make comfort eating healthy!
-Robin O.

Reading, needle felting, painting, or just watching the birds. I am rich beyond words.
-Margaret W.

Getting out in the garden, having fun or cooking with my kids, listening to music. Little bits of bliss in the day :)

Staying in Touch

I call my Mum—she's in the UK on a 12-week isolation.
-Amy O.

I'm promoting positivity as much as possible through social media as I'm strictly sticking to the social distancing advice. I miss my family and I spoke to my parents on the phone and suggested we have a huge reunion when it all blows over which I think everyone should do. It will be one to celebrate our reunion and will also benefit the local economy.
-Brendan H. P.

Noticing Nature

Listening to the birds as they carry on oblivious to our worries! If I get anxious I’ve a gorgeous piece of labradorite that fits in my palm; it's my "calm" stone and works every time!
-Emma B.

The Calm app has greatly reduced any anxiety I feel! Nature has brought me much joy (the little there is here in the city) but spring is here and the daffodils and snowdrops are growing in the park next to my house. I saw the first cherry blossom of the year today.
-Bryony B.

Continuing as Normal

Green and rocky shore and body of water

My life hasn't changed one bit :)
-Dan M.

We are farmers, so we get plenty of exercise feeding and caring for our ewes and lambs. Feel blessed that we are allowed out!
-Sharon E. R.

Lots of animals to tend here in 10 acres and weather's good to get out.
-Pauline S.

More than ever we need to look after ourselves making wise food choices and keeping a healthy mind with exercise and fresh air....It will pass....let’s stay strong.
-Maura M.

Spending the extra time with my hounds and taking the positives from it. Keep up the spirits and we will get through this and appreciate the little things in life afterwards :)
-Ciarán O.

Working from home and starting some online courses and tackling stuff I’ve been putting off for ages is giving me a calls with the team and of course friends and family...eating as healthy as possible, taking good supplements, plus fresh air and exercise daily.

Oooooh I know the answer to this one... It's a big glass of wine isn't it??...
*tumbleweed* Oooooh...Just me so...
-Bernie K.

Getting Creative

Woman's hand writing in planner

Honestly one of the best things we did when mine were small...It had been the longest winter with constant rain and kids stuck indoors stir crazy, so I decided to make it summer. I borrowed a sandpit and water tray. Painted bright sunshine on the window with yellow paint, turned up the heating, put on the bathers and summer music and handed out the ice pops! We had three days at the beach that winter without leaving home.
-Anna G.

I'm an avid planner—I love lists! I drew up a timetable for my weekdays that splits the day up into chunks of housework, keep fit, personal development and looking after my mental health and I've been following this like it's a working day schedule, it certainly makes the days pass quickly!
-Amy O.

Hang in There

This community never fails to inspire us. It’s wonderful to see how you’re staying positive, even during the tough moments, and finding ways to appreciate all of the good things still available to us. Together, we’re getting through this.

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