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What you should know about the recent CBD recall

Bottles of CB1 Botanicals CBD oil

We understand that it’s our responsibility to keep a careful watch over the products we stock in the shop. We also understand that the only way we can be worthy of your trust is to be completely transparent with all the information we have about our products. That’s why we want to make sure you’re aware of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland’s (FSAI) recent decision to recall certain CBD products.

Which CBD products have been recalled?

Out of all the products that have been recalled, we sell only one in Organico: CB1 1500mg ION.

You can see the details of the recall and the full list of recalled products in the FSAI’s press release.

In compliance with the recall, we have removed CB1 1500mg ION from our shelves and online shop.

Why has this CBD product been recalled?

The FSAI have determined that CB1 1500mg ION contains slightly higher levels of THC than is currently allowed according to new regulations.

When this batch of CB1 1500mg ION was manufactured, its levels of THC were within the regulated limits. However, the FSAI has since established new regulations which have lowered the acceptable amount of THC quantities in CBD products.

Is this CBD product safe?

According to the FSAI, ‘there are no immediate dangers associated with the consumption of these products.’

A word from the manufacturers of CB1 Botanicals

We received this message in an email from CB1 Botanicals:

‘We manufactured our product in accordance with the FSAI guidelines re THC content in the product that cannot contain more than 0.2% of THC (which in itself is very low). However, the FSAI and HSE are now basing this recall on a different regulatory paper that outlines safe THC quantities in various foods and food supplements. According to the aforementioned paper and quantities referred to in it, the THC levels are elevated in our 1500mg SKUs. The margins allowable are "trace" as per our understanding of that particular regulatory paper.’

We're here if you need us

If you have any questions at all concerning this recall, please get in touch with us (

We wanted to keep you informed of all the facts, but rest assured we're not concerned about this recall, nor does it impact our opinion of the safety of CB1 Botanicals. As Hannah Dare, who runs Organico shop, has said:

'Obviously we take every effort to follow the instructions of the FSAI, and as a result we're taking this product off our shelves. But we have confidence in the integrity of CB1 botanicals, both because they followed the production regulations of the time, and the FSAI have made it clear there's no immediate danger to health from these products.'

As you know, the regulations affecting the health and wellness sector in Ireland change frequently. We promise to stay on top of the news, and to let you know when something occurs that is relevant to your shopping decisions.

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