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Why we're not into Black Friday

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Once again, we are saying No to Black Friday. Not because we don't like great deals—but because we don't want to push loads more 'stuff' on you that you haven't asked for...

It's all a bit much

We love offers, and we love shopping, but why this crazy feeding frenzy now? Is it because any of us really 'need' more things, or because November is always a quiet time of year in retail and Big Retail wants to give its bottom line a boost?

Also, why has Black Friday become a given in Ireland? We're all for embracing the traditions of other cultures, but not when the focus is to coerce people out for a frantic day of spending as much money as possible.

Historically, the term 'Black Friday' signified the chaos that would ensue when American shoppers poured into the city the day after Thanksgiving, during their four-day weekend. If we don't celebrate the nice part of the holiday, Thanksgiving, why would we want to adopt the chaotic part?

Like we do every year, we'll be offering 10% off everything in the shop and online shop for one day a few weeks before Christmas, in accordance with an Irish tradition. That day falls on Saturday, 7th December this year; we'll remind you as it draws closer. Rather than enticing you to buy more than you normally would, we hope this discount will be of value for your normal shopping and maybe a few of your Christmas presents—because who couldn't do with a little help this time of year?

Our commitment to you

So this Black Friday, we won't offer any 'blowout deals' because we don't agree with them. We're proud to offer you high-quality products of integrity that are worth the money you spend on them. We're proud to carry a wide variety of products that are made locally, by people we know personally, who fervently care about their work. Above all, we're proud, and so grateful, to have the support of you and everyone else in our community, not just this time of year, but all year long.


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