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These 10 zero-waste presents will thrill anyone on your Christmas list

A selection of zero-waste presents from Organico

We’ve rounded up our top 10 zero-waste gift ideas so you can share happiness with the people on your Christmas list without harming the earth. Now what could be more merry and bright than that?

1. Black + Blum Food and Drink Storage Containers

Stack of reusable Black and Blum lunchboxes

The Black + Blum food and drink storage solutions are functional, clever, sturdy and stylish! We love every piece, but there’s a special place in our hearts for the stainless steel sandwich box. It’s a 100% plastic-free design perfect for carrying your sandwiches, charcuterie or cheese selection. Best of all, the anti-bacterial bamboo lid doubles as a chopping board! Perfect for the zero-waste food lover in your life.

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2. KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cups

If you ask us, everyone deserves a KeepCup. Designed by baristas who wanted a reusable coffee cup that accommodated the needs of baristas and coffee drinkers, these cups keep mountains of disposable cups from going to landfills each year. Their range of sizes suit the drinks made in coffee shops, and the variety of colours and materials allow you to choose a style that suits the person you’ll be giving it to.

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3. Cheeki Water Bottles

Cheeki Plastic-Free Water Bottles

These lightweight, leak-proof stainless-steel water bottles ensure nothing containing plastic, BPA or lead will touch your water ever again. The lids are easy to manoeuvre, the sizes are cup-holder friendly, and the colours come from toxic-free paint. This one’s for the frequent traveller or the athlete that needs water nearby at all times.

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4. Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps

When it comes to packing snacks, sandwiches, or wedges of cheese, these reusable food wraps are a brilliant replacement for cling film. Not only will they keep plastic waste out of landfills and oceans, but their cheery patterns will brighten any fridge or lunchbox. Great stocking stuffers!

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5. Zero-Waste Starter Packs for Household or Beauty

Side by side images of the contents of the Zero-Waste Starter Packs for home and body at Organico

Do you have a friend just starting out on a zero-waste journey? Our zero-waste hampers for household and beauty will give them all the essentials to get started, in one (reusable) bag.

Our Zero-Waste Household Starter Pack lets you transition to an an eco-friendly cleaning routine in one go. Packed with products that will drastically reduce plastic waste and eliminate harsh chemicals from your home.

Our Zero-Waste Beauty Starter Pack contains everything you need to reduce the plastic waste you generate and enjoy some fabulous cruelty-free, eco-friendly body care products.

Shop Zero-Waste Household Starter Pack Shampoo In ShopShop Zero-Waste Beauty Starter Pack

6. Beebombs Wildflower Seed Balls - 3 pack

Beebombs make it super easy to save the bees! The balls contain 1000s of seeds from 18 native wildflower species. All you have to do is scatter over a field, and wait for them to germinate—no gardening know-how necessary. An excellent stocking stuffer idea!

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7. The Soapbox Project Pine & Spruce Solid Shampoo Bar

Pine and spruce solid shampoo bar

A solid shampoo bar that transports you into the heart of the winter forest. Pine and spruce essential oils enliven the senses and promote seasonal feelings of joy, while argan oil deeply conditions the hair. A beautiful gift for this time of year.

Shop Pine & Spruce Solid Shampoo

8. Thyme Travel Palm Free Irish Soap Shampoo, Body & Shaving Bar

For the friend who’s always hitting the road, help them travel light with the Zero-Waste 3-in-1 Thyme Travel bar. Use as a shampoo, shaving bar, or body soap. Scented with an invigorating blend of lavender, geranium and thyme to soothe and revitalise. Mild enough for everyday use, yet long lasting and hard enough to cope with the rigors of travel.

Shop Zero-Waste 3-in-1 Thyme Travel bar

9. Ethical Chocolate in Biodegradable Packaging

Original Beans Chocolate Bars at Organico

So much chocolate that’s eaten this time of year comes from cocoa farms where the workers are mistreated and unfairly paid, and the land is destroyed by production. That’s no way to celebrate the season. This year, give your friends and family chocolate from companies that are committed to sourcing beans from slave-free, fair-trade farms, and wrapped in compostable packaging.

10. Bread from Organico

Loaf of Life-Changing Bread from Organico

Bread may not seem like an obvious choice for a present, but who couldn’t do with an extra loaf or two around the house or in the freezer this time of year? Suddenly, an impromptu gathering over a cheese board or a French toast breakfast for the overnight guests aren’t at all daunting. Our organic whole grain sourdough is fermented for 36 hours for enhanced flavour and digestibility. Our oat bread is wheat-free, made with organic oats, and deliciously moist. Our life changing-bread is a vegan, yeast-free, wheat-free seed and oat bread that’s perfect with cheese. We’re stocking up on all three for the Christmas holidays!

Shop SourdoughShop Oat BreadShop Life-Changing Bread

But isn't shipping wasteful?

Worried about the environmental impact of ordering online? We use packaging materials that are mostly repurposed from our suppliers—we think it’s better to reuse what comes into the shop rather than create excess packaging with our own branded materials. It’s just one way we strive to lessen our environmental footprint.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Christmas season filled with the things you love to eat, the music you love to hear, and the people you love to see. We look forward to celebrating the season with you!

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