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8 Great Products Our Staff Thinks You Should Try

Portraits of Organico staff and their product recommendations

Who better to give product recommendations than our team members? See some of their favourite products, loved so much that they’ve brought them into their own homes.

Our Amazing Team

A great thing about running a small independent business is the team of people we work with—they make everything we do possible. We’re lucky to have a group of people passionate, knowledgeable, and interested in natural health and good food.

So when they say a product is good, we know we can trust them!

Top Product Picks from Organico Staff

Laura from Organico and Durrow Mills Sprouted Flour

1. Durrow Mills Sprouted Flour

*Made in Ireland*

'With a background in and passion for nutrition, I was really keen to try out Durrow Mills sprouted flours in the bakery as these flours are easier to digest than standard wholewheat flours and have a higher protein and fibre content. I love trying to sneak in any bit of additional nutrition into my baking and find these flours work really well in breads, cakes and cookies. Grab a bag in the shop and get baking!'

Try Laura's Fave

Tali from Organico and Durrow Mills Sprouted Flour

2. Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil

'Trilogy CoQ10 Booster Oil... my number one go to especially when my skin is feeling tired and in need of some hydrating love! It absorbs quickly and boosts skin recovery leaving a radiant glow and smells lovely.'

Try Tali's Fave

Jessie from Organico and Altrient C

3. Altrient C Liposomal Vitamin C

Altrient C, a liposomal vitamin C, is quickly becoming a favourite among our customers and now our team as well! 'I've always been aware of the benefits of Vitamin C for the immune system and am very excited to try this product.'

Try it like Jessie

Santhe from Organico and MCT oil

4. MCT Oil

'I love the MCT oil because it's organic, easy to digest, and energy-boosting brain fuel. I add it to my butter coffee for the turbo boost in the morning or any time required. It's especially great if you're following the keto diet like I am.'

Try Santhe's Fave

Mary from Organico and Loose Leaf Teas

5. Bulk Loose Leaf Teas

'Love our loose leaf teas, they are really flavoursome and totally organic. We have a really nice selection depending on what way I'm feeling. I like to have our cranberry and apple or very berry in the afternoon, as they are free of caffeine, and can be a nice treat to quell sugary cravings without any guilt after a busy day!'

Available in our Zero-Waste Refill Station. Read all about it here. 

Viv from Organico and Sodasan Lime Oil Cleaner

6. Sodasan Lime Oil Power Cleaner

'I love to clean and this intense, eco and vegan lime oil cleaner is my favourite product. It's fantastic for everything—grease in the kitchen and bathroom, heavy clothes washing such as tea towels, it gets rid of stains and even removes the smell from dog blankets!'

Try Viv's Fave

Aoife from Organico and our housemade Coldbuster

7. Organico’s housemade Coldbuster

'The coldbuster, our own recipe brewed up in our kitchen, is my absolute favourite go to. It's packed full of goodness and perfect for keeping nasty flus and colds at bay. The blend of lemon, ginger, tumeric is warming and zesty, but when married with the flavours of rosemary, thyme amongst many other ingredients it really is the dream combination. Another great thing about the Coldbuster is that, despite its name, it's delicious all year round and a great replacement for other hot beverages, packed with so many vitamins and benefits for inflammation and a healthy immune system.'

Enjoy one when you visit our cafe!

Ailbhe from Organico and April Danann Raw Cider Vinegar

8. April Danann Raw Cider Vinegar

*Made in Ireland*

'I couldn’t be without my apple cider vinegar! Along with many other uses, it makes a great addition to my morning routine as I love diluting it with a glass of warm water first thing to help kickstart my digestive system. I love how April (the maker) has her own great range of flavours too as it makes it all the more interesting!'

Try Ailbhe's Fave

We're here to help

Get to know more about these products—and other products we love—by talking to us! Come into the shop or email us ( with questions and we’ll be happy to give you more info.

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