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9 Irish Foods and Drinks that make it easy to support local producers

A selection of local Irish food and drink products available at Organico

A cause close to our hearts! Every euro you spend with a local producer makes a positive impact on our community.

A Stronger Economy

An article on states that ‘buying just two more Irish-produced products on each shopping trip equates to a €300 million opportunity for the Irish economy’. And, ‘by spending €4 more per week on Irish products or services shoppers have the power to create 6,000 jobs'. Just as compelling, ‘for every €1 spent at a local business, 45 cent is reinvested locally. In contrast, for every €1 spent at a corporate chain, just 15 cent is put back into the local economy’.

Those are some strong reasons for supporting Irish producers!

9 Organico Favourites

Here are the 9 products from local, independent producers that taste great and are simple to use. These products make it easy for you to support Irish food producers:

Jars of The Cultured Food Company kraut, White Mausu Peanut Rayu, and WASi Seaweeds pesto

The Cultured Food Company

Each kraut and kimchi from The Cultured Food Company is loaded with probiotics through the process of traditional fermentation. Owner Hayley Milthorpe slow ferments each batch of unpasterurised kraut to maximise the amount of belly-loving nutrients and naturally-occuring good bacteria. There's no better way to perk up a simple meal than with one of these flavour-packed krauts or kimchi. Pile them onto sandwiches, tacos, pizza, salads, soups, pasta, and scrambled eggs.

Try The Cultured Food Company

White Mausu Peanut Rayu

Peanut Rayu is a kick-in-the-pants flavour parade made of peanuts, sesame, tamari, honey, chilli flakes and crispy garlic that can be used as a sauce, condiment or dressing. And even though the ingredient combination is inspired by various Asian cultures and cuisines, the product itself is uniquely Irish—it’s made in Dublin by White Mausu, the food company created by Chef Katie Sanderson. It’s good on so many foods (eggs, stir-fries, tofu, greens, whole grains…) but we’re especially loving it as the dressing in our recipe for this bright and punchy Grapefruit and Avocado Salad.

Try White Mausu Peanut Rayu

WASi Seaweeds

The unique WASi pestos are made from seaweeds sourced just outside Bantry along the Wild Atlantic Way. Founder Claire O’Sullivan hand-harvests wild seaweeds in accordance with traditional, sustainable techniques then blends them into nutrient-dense and easy-to-use pestos. The different pesto varieties are matched with intriguing aromatics including ginger, garlic, lemongrass, and chilli. We’ve yet to run out of easy meal ideas for them: tossed with noodles, roasted vegetables, whole grains or beans; spread on toast; stirred into soups, hummus or salad dressings; dolloped over fried eggs…

Try WASi Seaweeds Pesto

Bags of Red Strand Coffee and Peppermint Farm Tea and a bottle of MuTonics JAMU

Peppermint Farm Tea

Peppermint Farm here in Bantry supplies us with beautiful blends of certified organic tea to suit any mood you’re in, whether you need to unwind or you’re looking to add a little pep to your step. Owner Doris Hoffman expertly blends her teas by hand using organic herbs she grows herself and the freshest ingredients she can find throughout the world. At the moment, we can’t get enough of the Relaxing Tea, a blend of basil, chamomile and mint that’s so soothing after a full-on day.

Try Peppermint Farm Organic Tea

MuTonics JAMU

JAMU is a drink packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients. MuTonics, the company that makes JAMU, was formed in Schull by Clovis Ferguson and Ruth Calder-Potts, two daughters of two Irish food producing families (Gubbeen and Highbank Orchards).The spicy infusion includes organic fresh turmeric, tamarind, ginger, lemongrass, citrus, cinnamon, Irish honey, black pepper and Atlantic sea salt. Based on a traditional Indonesian recipe, JAMU can be taken cold as a daily wellness shot, added to sparkling water, or heated for a soothing drink to ward off (or bring relief to) colds.

Try MuTonics JAMU

Red Strand Coffee

We absolutely love our locally-roasted coffee—so much so that it’s the coffee we serve in our cafe. Shane Kelleher, of Red Strand Coffee out of Clonakilty, looks for beans with more than just flavor and quality in mind. He seeks out supply channels and farms that support equality from the very beginning of the supply chain. See more about Red Strand Coffee and our current bean selection in our blog post Our Organic Coffee Supports EVERY Producer in the Supply Chain.

Try Red Strand Coffee

Local sweets available at Organico including Mella's Fudge, Clonakilty Chocolate and Hungry Crow chocolate

Mella’s Fudge

Mella’s Fudge, based in Clonakilty, is a serious treat for when nothing but old-fashioned fudge, the kind that crumbles on the tongue in buttery goodness, will do. The fudge is made of simple, recognisable ingredients—similar to what you’d expect your grandmother to have kept in her kitchen. So satisfyingly sweet, we just had to include Mella’s Fudge in our Best of Irish hampers.

Try Mella's Fudge

Clonakilty Chocolate

We’re very proud that one of Ireland’s only bean-to-bar chocolate producers is right here in West Cork. Clonakilty Chocolate supports a better chocolate supply chain through the thoughtful selection of the elements that comprise each bar: fairtrade cocoa beans from Ghana, natural sweeteners, Irish dairy, and biodegradable packaging. Our not-to-miss recommendations: the So Milky Goat's Milk Chocolate bar and the Wild West Salty bar made with Irish seaweeds.

Try Clonakilty Chocolate

Hungry Crow Chocolate

You may look at the vegan, raw, refined-sugar-free, wheat-free treats produced by Hungry Crow and think they are too pretty to eat—but what a shame that would be! Niamh O’Reilly and Mark Stewart started the business out of Clonakilty to provide sweet and satisfying confectionery made entirely of wholesome, nourishing ingredients including raw cacao, Medjool dates, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, and coconut. Niamh’s inspired flavour combinations make for unique and luscious chocolates that will appeal to all of your senses.

Stay tuned, we’ll soon have Hungry Crow Chocolate available in the online shop!

More to taste

Sample all of these delicious products and mingle with their makers at this year’s Taste of Organico: Local Artisan Food Fair, part of A Taste of West Cork 2019 (see our schedule of events here). Mark your calendar for Thursday 12th September 6 - 7.30PM.

Book your ticket now!

With such an enticing selection, we’re guessing that you’ll have no problem adding Irish products to your weekly shopping!

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