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CBD coffee Can Help You Feel Awake But Not Wired

A bag of CBD coffee, a French press, a flower arrangement and a cup and saucer

Our new CBD coffee could give you a caffeine boost without the jittery side effects.

Who should try CBD coffee?

CBD coffee is for people who want a boost in alertness and energy without the wired feeling that caffeine can cause. It’s for people who want to take a wellness-enhancing dose of CBD oil but can’t bring themselves to taste it on its own. It’s also for people who like a really good cup of coffee.

You can find out if you’re one of these people by trying the CBD coffee we have available in beans (whole and ground) by the bag in Organico shop and online shop, or by sipping a cup of CBD coffee in Organico cafe.

Give CBD Coffee a go!

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Top-quality coffee beans and CBD oil

Bags of CBD coffee and a cup and saucer

Our CBD coffee is produced by The Leaf Co., a Scottish company that infuses their coffee beans with full-spectrum CBD so that every cup provides a 10mg dose of CBD. They send a sample from each batch of coffee to an independent UK laboratory who then test the sample and certify that it contains at least 10mg of CBD per 10g of coffee.

10mg of CBD is an adequate dose for supporting overall wellbeing.

For The Leaf Co., it’s just as important that their beans make a good cup of coffee as it is that they provide effective levels of CBD. The company sources single-origin 100% Arabica beans that are ethically-produced and certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

The Leaf Co. CBD coffee makes a great cup of coffee—it’s smooth and rich and has a lovely depth of flavour. There are hints of chocolate, nuts and citrus that work well with the taste of the infused CBD oil.

The Leaf Co. roast the CBD oil coffee in small batches to ensure freshness and quality control. The coffee is GMO-free, gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

CBD coffee for your preferred cup

We stock CBD coffee in whole beans, coarse ground (for cafetière, V60 and Chemex) and fine ground (for espresso machine and stove top). We have it available in regular as well as decaf for those of you who prefer to avoid as much caffeine as possible.

But doesn’t CBD counteract caffeine?

Woman in a black and white shirt holding a cup of coffee

It’s true that a lot of people take CBD oil to help them relax and get a better night’s sleep. So you may be wondering how CBD coffee makes sense...don’t the soothing effects of CBD cancel out the energising effects of coffee?

It turns out that CBD oil has a stimulating effect when taken in small doses. Rather than soothing the central nervous system and preparing the body for sleep, the small dose of CBD in CBD coffee is thought to improve alertness and concentration, helping you to tackle a busy day.

We want to mention here that CBD coffee doesn’t give you a free pass to drink an unlimited amount of coffee! You’ll have to figure out how much caffeine and how much CBD suits you, and how much is too much. Especially if you’re new to CBD, we suggest sticking to 1 cup of CBD coffee per day.

A new (CBD) coffee to love

Have we piqued your interest? If you’d like to try a great cup of coffee paired with a dose of CBD to enhance wellness, you can order your bag of beans online now.

Taste CBD coffee!

We’re always looking for ways to live life a little bit better, and we believe CBD coffee helps us do that. We won’t be replacing every cup of coffee we drink with CBD coffee (there are just too many good coffees out there), but we will be reaching for a cup of CBD coffee on those days when we want to be on top of our game...while still getting to enjoy a really good cup of coffee!

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