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Stop Plastic Pollution with these 5 Food and Drink Storage Solutions

Plastic-free food and drink storage containers available at Organico

Help fight the shocking amount of single-use plastic waste we generate in Ireland each year by replacing wasteful single-use food and storage containers with reusable options. Read on to see the products we love!

Plastic waste by the numbers:

  • In Ireland, up to 22,000 coffee cups are thrown away every hour
  • Worldwide, about 20,000 plastic bottles are sold every second, most of which will end up in landfills and the ocean
  • In 2015, Ireland generated 282,148 tonnes of plastic packaging waste
  • Over the course of a year, each of us in Ireland generates the equivalent of nearly 2,000 water bottles in plastic waste

The Power of Change

We know we’re capable of great change in this country. When the plastic bag tax came into effect, annual bag usage plummeted to make up only 0.14 per cent of total litter instead of 5 per cent as it had previously done.

We also know that among the Organico community, we don’t need a tax to motivate us to change for the better! We can tackle a large portion of our annual plastic pollution by eradicating ziplocs, cling film, plastic water bottles, single-use coffee cups and plastic food storage containers from our daily habits.

Plastic-Free Storage Solutions

Some of our favourite food and drink storage solutions that help us eliminate single-use plastic waste from our lives:

1. Black & Blum Food Boxes

Black & Blum Plastic-Free Food Containers

The Black & Blum food boxes are functional, sturdy and chic!

We dare you to find a better looking plastic-free food container than the stainless boxes. The lunch box is leak-proof with 3-in-1 functionality: transport your lunch, store pre-cooked meals in the freezer, and even cook with it in the oven! It comes with its own stainless steel fork and a slider-divider to keep foods separate.
Shop Lunch Box in OrangeShop Lunch Box in Ocean

The stainless steel sandwich box is a 100% plastic-free design perfect for carrying your sandwiches, charcuterie or cheese selection. Best of all, the anti-bacterial bamboo lid doubles as a chopping board!
Shop sandwich Box in OliveShop Sandwich Box in Ocean

The original lunch box is a clever zero-waste take on the conventional polystyrene takeaway container. It comes with a combination fork and knife and an inner dish for keeping sauces and dressings separate from your main meal.
Shop Original Lunch Box

2. Food Huggers

Food Huggers eliminate the need for cling film by fitting snugly over bowls or even cut pieces of fruit and veg (like lemons and avocados) to help keep your food fresh. They’re dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe and 100% free from BPA and phthalate.
Shop Small Food HuggersShop Original Food Huggers

3. Black & Blum Water Bottles

Black & Blum Plastic-Free Water Bottles

Just like the zero-waste food boxes, the Black & Blum plastic-free water bottles are just as practical as they are stylish.

The insulated stainless water bottle sports a sleek utilitarian vacuum-sealed design that will keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. The attractive strap is made from artificial leather and the wide spout makes it easy to load with ice cubes and clean inside the bottle.
Shop insulated stainless water bottle in 750mlShop insulated stainless water bottle in 500ml

The Eau Good Duo bottle is perfect for an active lifestyle. Use it as a filter bottle (it comes with natural active charcoal which is good for six months) or use the infuser guard to flavour your water with fruit and herbs. The easy open spout gives a great flow of water—no squeezing required—and has a reassuring leak-proof closure.
Shop Sports Bottle in LimeShop Sports Bottle in Blue

The Eau Good Glass bottle is a dream of a plastic-free water bottle. Its gorgeous design encompasses durable hand-blown borosilicate glass and a leak-proof natural cork stopper. It comes with its own charcoal filter (held in place by a stainless steel coil) and a protective sleeve for travel.
Shop glass water bottle in purpleShop glass water bottle in blue

4. KeepCups

The KeepCup was designed by baristas who wanted a reusable coffee cup that accommodated the needs of baristas and coffee drinkers. Their range of sizes suit specialty coffee drinks and the variety of colours and materials allow you to choose what suits your personal style.
Shop KeepCups

5. Cheeki Water Bottles

Cheeki Plastic-Free Water Bottles

Cheeki produce light-weight, leak-proof stainless-steel bottles that ensure nothing containing plastic, BPA or lead will touch your water ever again. The lids are easy to manoeuvre, the sizes are cup-holder friendly, and the colours come from toxic-free paint.
Shop Cheeki Water Bottles

Every Small Change Counts

We know there will be no overnight cure to the growing problem of plastic pollution. But we also know that every little bit helps, and when you and I make firm choices in favour of the health of the environment, it's likely we'll inspire those around us to join our efforts. And so the movement grows.

We want to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below: What are the solutions you’ve integrated into your life to reduce your annual plastic consumption?

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