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Now You Can Shop Zero-Waste with Reusable Containers at Organico

Glass jars filled with legumes and grains in Organico's zero-waste bulk shopping area
Want to get the most out of your visit to our zero-waste shopping area? Read on to find out how to use the bulk refill area and see what we currently have in stock.

See a printable list of our current stock in our zero-waste refill area (opens in Google Docs):
See List of Zero-Waste Products

It Starts with You

We have big dreams for our refill area, dreams that it will become part of the solution that helps families around Bantry to lead less wasteful, more environmentally-friendly lives.

Those dreams won’t happen without you. It’s your decision to become a regular zero-waste shopper that will make all the difference.

With that in mind, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to plan your zero-waste shopping trip in advance.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Zero-Waste Shopping at Organico

Hannah from Organico filling and weighing a reusable glass jar zero-waste shopping area
1. Take a look at our stock list so you’ll know what’s available before you arrive.

2. Bring the reusable containers you’ll need with you (you knew all those jam jars would come in handy one day), or you can purchase reusable glass jars and cotton bags from us, or you can use the free paper bags we provide.

3. The first thing you’ll do in the bulk area is weigh your empty container (including the lid if it has one) on the scales and print a label. This printed label will allow you to subtract the weight of your container from the final weight.

4. Next, fill your container with as much product as you want from the bulk dispensers.

5. Now that your container is full, place it on the scales again and select on the screen the product you’re weighing. Next, scan your original label and then print a second label which will note the final price.

6. Finally, take your containers to the till where you’ll be able to pay as normal. (We recommend at this point that you enjoy the good feeling that comes from being part of the change.)

Don’t worry about memorising all that—we have a list of instructions posted in the refill area to guide you. Also, if you run into any issues or questions, just let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

It's Because of You

A row of dispensers filled with dried foods in Organico's zero-waste shopping refill area
We can’t say how much your support for opening the bulk refill area has meant to us. All we know is, it’s the strong community rallying around us and encouraging us to be better that has made zero-waste shopping at Organico a reality.

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