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Save Money this Month with these 10 Great Special Offers

A range of Clearspring organic Japanese foods on special offer at Organico

At Organico, you can do all of your household shopping with us, not just what you’d normally get at a health food shop. And we make sure to provide you with the same variety of choice in our monthly special offers so you can enjoy great savings on high-quality products. 

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Special Offers For the Cook

1. Clearspring

Clearspring organic sushi products available at Organico

20% off all Clearspring organic foods: Stock your pantry with ingredients traditional to Japanese cuisine—said to be one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

Clearspring is a small company that adheres to strict quality and environmental standards. They only allow whole, organic, GM-free ingredients in their foods (there's no refined sugar of any kind—not even organic). And each product is ethically and sustainably produced and supports the artisan producer community in which it was made.

We just love this brand because every product is nutritious, made according to traditional customs, easy to work with, and so tasty!

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Special Offers For Baby

2. Weleda Baby Calendula range

Weleda is a naturopathic company that’s been around since the early 1920s. They make their cruelty-free skincare with biodynamic ingredients and Green Energy methods.

The Calendula range for baby is made with natural, nourishing ingredients including biodynamic calendula and organic chamomile. The nappy change cream is a big hit with our customers for the way it softens baby’s skin and treats any soreness or irritation.

The entire Weleda Baby Calendula range is currently on special offer so you can nurture the health of baby’s skin from head to toe.

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3. Bambo Nappies

Eco-friendly nappies and baby wipes available at Organico

Bambo Nature Nappies have met the rigorous requirements of the Nordic Swan Eco-Label and earned its seal of approval. The label guarantees an environmentally-friendly product and shows that the nappies don’t contain ingredients such as perfumes, lotions, flame retardants, PVC, or other potentially toxic components.

‘But do they work?’ we hear you ask. Well, we have loads of customers who think so and continue to buy these nappies for their babies. They’re made to be soft, flexible, breathable, and absorbent. A good choice for the environment and for your baby.

Shop Bambo Nappies Special Offer

Special Offers For New Mums

4.Weleda for New Mums

It’s not just babies who deserve TLC! Weleda makes very special products to support the health and happiness of new mums during and after pregnancy. The Stretch Mark Massage Oil helps smooth the skin with essential fatty acids from sweet almond oil, and relieve tightness from sore muscles with arnica extract. Vitamins in wheat germ oil help nourish and refine the skin’s texture.

Shop Stretch Mark Massage Oil Special Offer

Regular use of Weleda Nursing Oil during late pregnancy will help prepare your body for relaxed, fulfilling feeding sessions once your baby arrives. By massaging the oil into the breasts, the warming essential oils relax the breasts, stimulate milk flow and relieve tension.

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Weleda products for Baby and Mum available at Organico

Weleda turned to midwives and pharmacists for guidance when creating the Nursing Tea for breastfeeding mothers. The blend of organic herbs is mild and refreshing in flavour and formulated to balance fluid intake and support natural milk production.

Shop Nursing Tea  Special Offer

Special Offers For Kids

5. Anti-Lice Treatment

You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there’s a non-toxic head lice shampoo made from natural active ingredients. It takes only a single use of this treatment for it to kill lice and eggs. The main ingredient is Neem extract, which originates from the Neem tree, and works to get rid of lice without the use of any harsh, potentially dangerous chemicals.

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Special Offers For Everyone’s Health

6. Wild Nutrition Range

Wild Nutrition Fertility Supplements for Women and Men at Organico

Wild Nutrition supplements are one of our favourite brands. They’re made in the UK by a team of nutritional therapists who really know their stuff.

The supplements are 'pre-digested' and derived from food sources (rather than synthetic isolates as most supplements are). That means the body easily recognises each nutrient and doesn't have to work as hard to 'unlock' them, so a higher ratio is absorbed.

Since we can't guarantee that our diets supply all the nutrition our bodies need, we believe that Wild Nutrition’s Food-Grown supplements are a worthwhile and effective addition to any wellness routine. And we love that they're packaged in glass (and not plastic)!

Shop Wild Nutrition Special Offer

7. Mag365

There are so many reasons why it’s important to keep our magnesium levels up! It’s required for the normal health of the muscles and nerves; it maintains a steady heartbeat; it’s vital for a healthy immune system; it helps regulate blood sugar levels and normal blood pressure;and it supports bone health by ensuring proper calcium absorption. Oh yeah, it’s also extremely important in maintaining a normal sleep-wake cycle.

Yet, many of us don’t get enough magnesium and have no idea why we feel sluggish yet stressed and anxious so often. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to give the MAG365 range a go. Their products are formulated to be highly absorbable and easy to take. There’s even a special formula just for kids.

Shop MAG365 Special Offer

8. Cleanmarine Omega-3

Cleanmarine makes a range of Omega-3 based supplements and complexes for women, men, and children. The Irish company packs rich sources of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids into each capsule, so you don’t have to worry about getting an adequate amount and range of Omega-3s from various sources in your diet. The company is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council for their sustainable fishing practices, which makes the choice even better.

Shop Cleanmarine Special Offer

9. Altrient C

Altrient C provides powerful anti-aging benefits to the skin, supports the immune system and nervous system, helps maintain joint health, and reduces tiredness. And what we love best—this vitamin C supplement is uniquely padded by liposomes (tiny fatty particles) so it’s protected from the destructive forces of the digestive system and delivered straight to the cells. Support beautiful skin and a healthy immune system in one go!

Shop Altrient C Special Offer

10. Revive Active

Save on a full supply of Revive Active plus get a 1-week supply of Mastermind for free!

Revive Active is a daily nutritional supplement that targets heart health, supports the immune system, and offers a sustained energy release throughout the day to keep you going strong and feeling good.

The formula combines key nutrients known to increase whole body health. Its hero ingredient is CoQ10, a vital nutrient for heart health and normal cellular function that the body ceases to produce as efficiently as we age.

Mastermind delivers key nutrients, including DHA Omega 3 fatty acid, Uridine and Choline, that support mental performance and memory. It’s formulated for people who seek to improve their focus and concentration, enhance their mood, and increase mental clarity. Whether it’s studies, or a job, or a packed schedule taking a toll on your mind, Mastermind offers the support to increase your cognitive function and conquer whatever the day brings.

Shop Revive Active Special Offer

These are just a few of the special offers we're running this month. To see them all, check-in regularly with the special offers section of the online shop to see what's new and enjoy savings every month!

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