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CBD Oil: Our Ultimate Guide

CBD oil products available at Organico
CBD oil—you've got questions, we've got answers! With lots of experience in selling CBD oil, we've had the chance to learn a lot about the brands we carry and get lots of customer feedback. See all of our insights about CBD oil and the products at Organico in this ultimate guide.

What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviated term for cannabidiol, which is the chemical constituent of the hemp species of the cannabis plant.

What is CBD oil?

The CBD oil we stock is made out of the buds and flowers of the hemp plant, a plant with the botanic name Cannabis sativa. The active ingredients of CBD are classified as cannabinoids but their characteristics are non-hallucinogenic, so none of our CBD oil has psychoactive effects. CBD and THC are both cannabinoids from the cannabis family of plants, but THC produces a 'high' and CBD doesn't.

And while CBD oil and hemp oil are both made from the hemp plant, the two oils are not the same. CBD oil is made from the buds and flowers of the plant whereas hemp oil is pressed from the seeds.

Neither is CBD oil the same as medicinal cannabis. Medicinal cannabis does contain THC to a level that can produce a high, but the CBD oil we sell does not.

In Ireland, it’s legal to sell CBD oil over the counter and online. CBD oil is classified as a food supplement, which means we’re not allowed to advise anyone to take it for medical conditions; this is partly because there are no formal regulations in place to monitor its production or effectiveness.

What is CBD oil used for?

Among all the hype out there about CBD oil, you will find research which shows that the non-hallucinogenic cannabinoids in CBD oil affect the endocannabinoid system. Many people, including Hannah, integrate CBD oil into their daily wellness routine.

What’s in a bottle of CBD oil?

CBD oil on its own is as thick as tar and practically impossible to take, so we sell CBD oil that the producers have diluted in a base oil.

Most commonly, the volume of an entire bottle of CBD oil (a sum of the base oil + CBD) is labeled in milliliters, but you’ll see that the weight of the total concentration of CBD in the bottle is labeled in milligrams. You’ll also see that some brands choose to use percentages to express the amount of CBD concentrated in a bottle of CBD oil.

In Organico, we stock CBD in a number of different strengths from a few carefully selected companies.

What does 'Full Spectrum CBD oil' mean?

The term 'full spectrum' means that the CBD oil contains constituents from the plant other than cannabidiol alone. These "other constituents" can include antioxidants, fatty acids, and even trace amounts of THC.

It’s illegal to sell CBD oil containing more than 0.2% THC in Ireland, or anywhere in the EU for that matter. Rest assured, all the brands we carry adhere to the legal restrictions. In fact, many brands have recently reduced their THC levels to 0.05%.

In Ireland, growers must have a special license to grow hemp. The hemp fields destined for CBD oil production are regularly tested for THC levels by the Department of Agriculture. A company whose field exceeds the 0.2% limit will be shut down.

What’s the correct dosage of CBD oil?

That really depends on the person taking the CBD oil. In general, it’s good to start by following the dosage instructions on the package, then adjusting up or down depending on how you feel after a week or so.

CBD Oil Products at Organico

It’s important to us that we only stock the best quality of CBD oil; that means we’re very picky about the brands we bring into the shop! When assessing a brand, we take lots of factors into consideration.

We look at the farming methods for growing the hemp, favouring the brands who are chemical-free if not certified organic. We believe careful cultivation is gentler on the environment and also produces a plant with a higher density of nutrients.

We also make sure the methods used to produce the oil are up to our standards. Is the hemp handled in a way to retain the integrity of its inherent properties? Is the base oil of high-quality?

Here are the CBD brands that are up to our standards:

1. ION from CB1 Botanicals

ION CBD Oil from CB1 Botanicals available at Organico
We’re very excited about this Irish brand which hand-harvests their own fields of certified organic hemp. CB1 Botanicals call themselves a “single-origin” source of CBD oil since they manage the entire supply chain from seed to oil.

The company is licensed by the Irish Department of Health and received funding from the EU to do its own research and development with extracts. Their aim is to produce oils rich in bioavailable, nutrient-dense plant compounds. It's no surprise then that all of their oils are full-spectrum!

We’ve been given good feedback from people who’ve tried this range and, overall, people like the flavour (which isn’t always the case with CBD products).

Their products are easy to measure for dosage. They’re also easy to take since their oils can be swallowed immediately (instead of held under the tongue for 30 minutes to promote maximum absorption, as is the case with many brands of CBD oil).

We like that they include MCT oil as part of their base oil blend, to help the body absorb and use the entire oil compound. Each ingredient in their products is certified organic: base oils, CBD, and even the peppermint oil added to certain products.

CB1 products contain 0.2% THC.

Shop ION CBD Oil from cb1 Botanicals

2. The Hemp Company

The Hemp Company CBD oil available at Organico
The Hemp Company brings us one of our best value ranges that’s made from organically grown hemp. This brand comes in a range of potencies and flavours, including lemon, and they even make a CBD oil especially for pets (salmon oil is the base oil so the flavour is more appealing to your furry friend).

This range is great for people trying out CBD oil for the first time to see how the product can enhance their lifestyles.

Hemp Company products contain 0.05% THC.

Shop The Hemp Company CBD Oil

3. CBD Cure Xtreme balm

CBD Cure Xtreme CBD balm available at Organico
This soothing body balm, made by the same producers of The Hemp Company CBD oils, is infused with CBD from organically grown hemp plants. Apply it directly to the body to confer properties to the skin and muscles.

Shop CBD Cure Xtreme body balm

4. Charlotte's Web

This US-based company makes products of high quality and great integrity. We expect we’ll soon be able to stock Charlotte’s Web products that have been manufactured in Austria, so we’ll no longer face the headache of dealing with U.S. customs for this range. In the meantime, see what we have available:

Shop Charlotte's Web

5. Medihemp

Medihemp CBD oil available at Organico
This certified organic CBD Oil is made in Austria and is among the best quality and most comprehensive in Europe.

Medihemp processes all parts of the hemp plant—even the lower parts are converted into textiles, organic fertilizers and building materials—so nothing goes to waste. They work directly with organic farmers and they rely on independent laboratory testing to ensure premium quality. Medihemp is available in oils of various strengths as well as capsules.

Medihemp now contains 0.05% THC.

Shop Medihemp CBD Oil

6. Celtic Wind

Celtic Wind CBD oil available at Organico
Celtic Wind is another Irish CBD manufacturer that grows their own hemp in Co. Louth. The company recognizes the influence of their hemp cultivation on the ecology of the local environment, so they don’t use herbicides or pesticides. Their oil is cold-pressed to preserve its “multi-complex” properties. We stock their oils and capsules.

Shop Celtic Wind CBD Oil

7. Improve Me

Improve Me CBD oil available at Organico
The Improve Me range became popular among our customers when our woes with sourcing Charlotte’s Web first began. And though we’ve added many high-quality brands to our stock in the meantime, Improve Me remains a popular choice.

The company supplies CBD oil products which are free of chemicals and produced from organically grown hemp. We carry Improve Me in oil, capsule and vape forms.

Shop Improve Me CBD Oil

8. CBD Vape

Interesting in vaping CBD? It's a solid option that tends to produce a less potent effect than taking the oil. Some of our customers find this ideal! We stock CBD vapes from Improve Me, Sensi Seeds and Harmony.

Shop CBD Vape

Any questions?

As with every product we carry at Organico, we're always happy to chat with you through your options. Call into us in our shop in Bantry, or send us an email ( with your questions. One of the advantages of managing a carefully curated shop is that our team is highly knowledgable about the stock and more than willing to share their insights with you. So ask away!

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  • Cal in Cork

    What a brilliant CBD overview! Thank you do much; I've been going crazy trying to narrow down and clarify the domestic CBD field.
    You can't really answer this I guess, but I'll fire away.....I certainly want full spectrum, and would prefer trace THC certainly. I'm looking for a support for 'not-too-atrocious' fibromyalgia, and general age-related decrepitude,(female, 62) and I think CBD oil is going to be my magic bullet, as I cannot bear the meds I take. I know I'll still have pain, but that's OK. any of your customers with similar backgrounds flock to a certain brand at all?

    No worries if your hands are tied/lips sealed. I'll drop in and buy one of your recommendations anyway.

    Thanks again and many blessings to you all

    Cal ?

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