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These 7 Supplements are Made Just for Women

Natural Health Practice Supplements available at Organico
When choosing a supplement, who doesn’t wonder about quality? Rest assured the range developed by Dr Marilyn Glenville, an internationally renowned expert in women’s health and nutrition, is filled with high-quality ingredients and specifically designed to optimise women’s health.

Who is Dr Glenville?

For those of you who decide to join us for Dr Marilyn Glenville’s talk “Exploding the Diet Myths” happening next week in Bantry (click here to buy tickets on eventbrite), prepare to walk away feeling inspired and empowered. When it comes to natural health, and knowing how to take control of your personal well being, this is one woman who knows her stuff.

Marilyn Glenville- Exploding the Diet Myths Tour - Bantry

Find out what to eat to give you a way of eating that becomes a way of life and helps you to be healthy and live longer.

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Dr Glenville is the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health. She has been helping people achieve optimal health for decades through a practice based in the UK and through the 13 internationally bestselling books she’s written.

Books written by Dr Marilyn Glenville available at Organico

Her philosophy is simple: there is a time and place for conventional medicine, but most of the health problems we face can be ameliorated—if not alleviated—through nutrition and natural therapies.

To learn more about Dr Glenville and her upcoming talk which will focus on navigating the confusing world of diets, see Hannah’s blog post.

The Role of Supplements in Health

Dr Glenville believes that optimal health starts with nutrition and a healthy diet. Since no one follows a perfect diet, she strongly advocates for supplements as an important part of a wellness routine.

Dr Glenville has even developed a range of supplements, in collaboration with the Natural Health Practice (NHP), to (in some cases) boost nutrition and (in other cases) assist with particular health conditions.

Dr Glenville understands how our bodies assimilate supplements and which sources of the various vitamins, minerals and nutrients are most easily absorbed. So we know we’re getting a high-quality supplement with the NHP range.

The NHP Range at Organico

Natural Health Practice Supplements available at Organcio
1. Advanced Fertility SUpport for Women

Advanced Fertility Support for Women aims to increase the chances of conception. This special multivitamin and mineral specifically formulated for women supports an improvement in overall health and an increase in fertility. Containing effective doses of the highest quality and most important vitamins and minerals to help with getting and staying pregnant.

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2. Meno Multi Support

Dr Glenville takes a positive attitude toward the menopause, viewing it as a time to honour and celebrate as a woman transitions into her years of wisdom. She developed Meno Multi Support for this journey, as it contains all the essential vitamins and minerals a woman needs while going through the menopause. The supplement also supports strong bones and provides antioxidants, B vitamins, and calcium as well as digestive enzymes to aid in maximum absorption.

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3. Osteo Support

When it comes to bone health, most of us could do with a little boost, especially the women among us. The nutrients in Osteo Support are carefully selected and each is scientifically known to promote the maintenance of bone health when taken in conjunction with a nourishing diet. Not only does Osteo Support contain all the nutrients essential for bone health, but each ingredient is formulated at its highest effective dose.

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4. Libido Support for Women

The Libido Support formula includes a range of carefully chosen botanical ingredients—including maca, Siberian ginseng, ginger and rhodiola—to help kindle a woman’s desire and support her sex life. Dr Glenville teaches that satisfying intimacy can be dramatically important to both physical and emotional wellbeing.

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5. IB Support

The unique botanical formula in IB Support promotes healthy digestion and normal bowel function—and who couldn’t do with a little assistance from time to time? Peppermint oil, marshmallow and slippery elm soothe, ginger relaxes, chamomile calms, while artichoke, fennel, turmeric and liquorice help support optimum digestive health.

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6. Healthy Woman Support

Healthy Woman Support provides essential nutrients in one daily dose of a complete multivitamin and mineral formula specially formulated for women. The nutrients are in their most bioavailable form for maximum absorption. The formula promotes stress relief, helps slow the ageing process, boosts energy, helps balance hormones, supports the immune system, and helps improve digestion and detoxification.

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7. Tranquil Woman Support

A formula specially designed for women facing stress from a busy lifestyle. Each nutrient in Tranquil Woman Support helps a woman to mentally and physically cope with the strains and pressures of daily life. The formula provides vitamins, minerals and botanicals that target relaxation and sleep, blood sugar balance, hormone balance, digestion and immunity support.

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You're Invited

Although Dr Glenville’s work tends to focus on women’s health, her talk is open to anyone who has ever felt frustrated by dieting or achieving certain weight goals. We hope you’ll join us as we host Dr Marilyn Glenville for what promises to be an illuminating evening for her talk “Exploding the Diet Myths”. Buy your ticket now on eventbrite.

Marilyn Glenville- Exploding the Diet Myths Tour - Bantry

Find out what to eat to give you a way of eating that becomes a way of life and helps you to be healthy and live longer.

Book Tickets On Eventbrite Now

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