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For Organico Staff, It Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without…

Milky coffee with Christmas tree pattern in cocoa powder

We asked members of the Organico team what they love to have around the house during the Christmas holidays. They answered with their top picks for products that make for healthy, cosy winter days and joyful gatherings. 

Let the festive season begin!

Hannah Dare
Hannah Dare of Organico with Red Strand Coffee Beans

Red Strand Coffee - from Ethiopia:

I'm so in love with our coffee, which Shane from Red Strand roasts specially for us, that I took it away on a family holiday to Spain recently! It's from a small organic grower in Ethiopia, and tastes delicious made into a flat white with the Barista Oatmilk.

Shop Red Strand Coffee

Original Beans Chocolate Bars:

These bars are new to us in Organico - like the coffee they are made from specific cacao beans and the flavours are all so different. If you thought you knew what chocolate tasted like, think again!

Shop Original Beans Chocolate

Hifas da Terra Mico-Rei:

This is my new all-round boost - energy levels, mood balancing, resilience-building - Reishi Mushrooms do it all. You can use either the powdered mushrooms in a capsule or the extract, depending on your needs, and it even comes as a kids' option. Great for warding off winter colds!

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Elizabeth Ewing
Elizabeth of Organico with Booja Booja Champagne Truffles

Booja Booja Champagne Truffles:

Over the last few years, Booja Booja Champagne Truffles have become a sure favourite with adult family and friends at Christmas. They are melt in your mouth delicious while being vegan and organic too and with a lovely recyclable posh presentation.

Shop Booja Booja Champagne Truffles

Organic Chestnuts:

Having been a Vegetarian for over 47 years, I love my Veggie Christmas dinner and chestnuts are an essential part of the meal, served with organic Brussels sprouts and garlic butter as a side's a family favourite. Yummy.

Our organic chestnuts aren't available online but you can buy them fresh in our shop in Bantry!

Gabin O'Shay
Gabin O'Shay from Organico with Eskimo3 Omega 3 Fish Oil

Eskimo-3 Omega 3

I have found the Eskimo-3 Omega 3 fish oil to be a great addition to my day. I have been taking it for the last 4 months, and have found a noticeable improvement in my memory, reactions and sharpness of my thinking. It adds to a solid night's sleep, and allows me to be more like me as I go through my day!

Shop Eskimo-3

Dee Cotter
Dee Cotter of Organico with Ekoplaza cooking coconut oil

Ekoplaza Cooking Coconut Oil:

Nowadays, I could not be without my trusty bucket of solid neutral tasting coconut oil. Ever since I took on board the importance of only using stable, naturally saturated oils for cooking (to avoid oxidative stress to cells) I have noticed: dry skin patches have disappeared, meal digestion is far easier and there's a lighter cleaner taste and texture to my food allowing the real flavour of what I'm cooking to come through. Great for roasting, deep frying, sautéing, biscuits, crumbles...and the bucket lasts for ages!

Shop Ekoplaza Cooking Coconut Oil

One Nutrition P4-Max:

These super strong antioxidant, antiviral capsules seem to do exactly what it says on the tin, i.e., stop early onset of a cold or viral infection "in its tracks"! And for me, on a few occasions now, with only a few capsules. In fact, I still have half the same blister pack in the medicine cabinet...on the ready for those first signs...very effective!

One Nutrition P4-Max isn't available online but we stock it in our shop in Bantry!

Udo's Choice Super 8 Microbiotic:

After an infection, when you're run down, when your diet has tipped towards sugars and white carbs, you're bloated, you're sluggish and suffer from brain fog, your skin is dull, flaky, blemished. Or after antibiotics when you need to reinoculate your gut and build up your immune system and your good bacteria again...this is my favourite probiotic. With a nice balance of 8 microbiotic strains, 4 for the small intestine, 4 for the large. With 42 billion strength, Super 8 gets to the gut with only one capsule a day...a no-brainer!

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