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We’re giving away a gift set of Doctor Mahers face care!

Doctor Mahers Gift Set of Facial Care Products

Win two new face products from Ireland’s experts in powerful, therapeutic, hypoallergenic skincare.

Powerful + Natural

Doctor Mahers knows how to treat skin right. They use safe, high-quality, all natural ingredients (like seaweeds, berry extracts, and omega-rich oils) to formulate their products that deeply nourish and soothe even the most sensitive of skin.

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Doctor Mahers recently expanded their facial care line to include a powerful moisturiser and a gentle face wash—and we’re giving away a gift set that contains 1 bottle of each product to 1 of our newsletter subscribers!

How to enter

To enter, simply click on the giveaway link in our newsletter that we’ll email on the 30th of November. That link will take you straight to the giveaway entry form. Once you’ve filled-in and submitted the form...that’s it—you’re in the running!

So if you’re already a newsletter subscriber, just hold tight and keep an eye out for that giveaway link coming in the newsletter on the 30th of November.

But if you’re not a newsletter subscriber...well, there’s plenty of time to change that. As long as you’re subscribed by midnight on the 29th of November, you’ll receive the special newsletter with the giveaway link. And you don’t have to go anywhere to sign-up to the newsletter. Just follow this link to subscribe.

The Giveaway Prize

The prize is 1 beautifully packaged gift set containing 1 bottle of Doctor Mahers Eutopia Facial Wash and 1 bottle of Doctor Mahers Absolute 54 Moisturiser—both are brand new products!

Doctor Mahers Eutopia Facial Wash

This uniquely cold-processed (which protects all the natural, volatile ingredients) face wash offers a deep cleanse that moisturises and protects all skin types, even delicate ones. The formula supports the skin’s normal processes of regeneration and renewal and brings anti-aging, toning and brightening benefits.

Doctor Mahers Absolute 54 Moisturiser

This deeply penetrating moisturiser is rich in hydrating lipids and essential active nutrients. The 24+ hour time-release formula delivers anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits while supporting a healthy skin barrier function and reducing the appearance of prior damage to the skin. It’s a powerhouse product that supports the skin’s natural health and beauty.

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Subscribe to win

Remember, the link to the giveaway entry form will only be shared with our newsletter readers. Subscribe here (if you haven’t already) and watch out for the exclusive opportunity to win this gorgeous gift set in our newsletter on the 30th of November.

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