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Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil Ireland

Since March 2018, Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oils have been increasingly difficult to source in Europe.

We understand that this has been very frustrating for everyone so we wanted to explain why this is happening and also what we are doing about it.

Firstly - why are Charlotte’s Web products unavailable all over Europe? To be honest we don’t really know as it is very hard to get answers. What we know is that it is an issue with US Customs, who are holding shipments which means that it has become impossible to get Charlotte’s Web products out of America (where they are made). We don't know exactly why this is the case.

When is the issue going to be resolved?  Again nobody seems to know. We hope by the end of the summer they should have this issue resolved and we should be back to full stock again.

In the meantime, we have been doing a lot of research on which products are the best as a substitute for all the people who have been relying on Charlotte's Web for their (or their children's) health.

For an overview of the different ranges we stock, please seek our recent blog post here.  As you will see, Celtic Winds is an Irish range who grow from Organic Seeds, and Medihemp is a fully certified Organic (from seed to bottle) range from Austria, a country well known for the quality of the hemp grown there. Improve Me also use organic seeds and are a popular range with our customers.

If you would like to contact us for more information on any of the above please do so by email on organico bantry at We cannot give medical advice but can give information on the different products that we stock.





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