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MEET THE STAFF: Hannah Goggin

Hannah Goggin at Organico     Hannah Goggin


I had just come back from a year of working and travelling around Australia when I was offered a job at Organico as a temporary dishwasher. At that time the café had just been renovated and extended and after a very busy and successful summer to my surprise Hannah and Rachel asked me if I would like to stay on. I immediately said I would love to!

Since then I’ve learnt such a lot and have a whole new sense of pride in all the responsibilities that come with my job. I have the unusual situation that my lovely mother Santhé also works at Organico and yes, we have our days when it can get a bit stressful but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love my mother very much and being able to work with each other is rewarding in itself.

One of the things I most enjoy about working in Organico café is all the amazing dishes, desserts and drinks that we serve. I am very much interested in health and local organic produce and often go on healthy diets in which I eliminate dairy, sugar, gluten, red meat, alcohol and anything processed. The food here is so satisfying you really can’t beat it! The falafel and lentil burger would be a big favourite of mine and the hummus is out of this world!

At Organico there’s always something people haven’t tried so I like to challenge myself to encourage them to try something new. One gentleman, who had been brought up on cabbage and bacon, came into the café one day enquiring if we had any carvery dinners. Instead of walking out when I said we didn’t, he allowed me to show him all the things we had to offer and sat down very happily with an Organico salad plate with a big dollop of hummus on top! These little things really do make my day. Openness to trying something new is a great thing to witness!

One of my favourite things at Organico would have to be the coffee. McCabe’s coffee is truly so good I have to limit myself. Combined with raw milk and a small dollop of cream it’s an experience in itself!

Outside of work, I play rugby twice a week and have matches every Sunday. I absolutely love the sport, it gives me great focus for training as I'm very into fitness and being on a team with such a great bunch of women is great craic! I also got an amazing opportunity to go to Hawaii to do a month long course in Ancient Lomi Lomi massage and I will never forget it - I still hear those waves calling my name! I’ve also recently started a media, hair and make-up course which I’m loving. I like having a mix of things going on which keeps it all very interesting!

My dreams include travelling more and I hope one day to find my passion and specialise in it as I’m a big fan of the quote 'find what you love, and you won’t have to work a day in your life!'.  I also picture myself settling down with my very handsome (and intelligent) husband by the sea. Did I mention he used to work for Calvin Klein? We’ll talk about babies later!




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  • neill clarke

    I am constantly encouraged about the future of Bantry when i hear of young energetic people like Hannah deciding to live and work in the town. Having done some travelling and working elsewhere, they have so much to contribute.
    So lets be positive the future is bright.

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