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The Laughing Oyster Seaweed Company


One of our new and exciting range of local Irish producers, David Andrews and his team at the Laughing Oyster Seaweed Company use traditional methods to sustainably harvest, dry and prepare a variety of Irish seaweeds as seasonings for the kitchen and table. Gathering seaweed has always been an honoured ancient Gaelic tradition, and this seaweed is grown and harvested in the pristine Irish waters of Bere Island, West Cork as part of an aquaculture co-operative. It is then dried and smoked on the island.

The seaweed sprinkles are easy to use to season everything from eggs to steaks to cakes and can be added to taste in the same way as a herb or salt and pepper. The Japanese word for the sixth taste is Umami, it is contained in seaweed and acts as a flavour enhancer that can be added to just about anything! Browse our range of Laughing Oyster products here.

Seaweed is a superfood and just a small teaspoon can be a daily boost of essential minerals and vitamins. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, is gluten free, busting with iodine, iron and calcium, has twice as much vitamin C as orange juice and 50 times the amount of iron found in spinach!

2 thoughts on “The Laughing Oyster Seaweed Company”

  • huguette

    on the day of the "foodfair" in Castletown I tasted the smoked seaweed and got " hooked" immediately...!!! Bought a pot and have been buying for friends and visitors since
    I would LOVE to send it as a X-mas present to ALL my friend also aboad Not ONLY delicious but ALSO light to send
    Would you give me a GOOD DEAL when I order 80 pots?
    Hope to hear from you.
    Huguette on Hungry Hill

    • dare hannah

      Hi Huguette of course we would! Email us on and we'll sort something out so you have lovely irish gifts for your family. What a great idea!

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