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Back to School naturally - Vitamin C, Nasal Wash, Aconite, Vitamin D, Colloidal Silver

It really is that time again! Soon the uniforms will be dusted off, the lunch boxes lids have been located and the first few days will be over. With colder days ahead we have to be prepared for the discomforts that cooler weather brings and in terms of back to school, there are a few natural ways to ease the inevitable troubles…

Kids get off the school bus each day bringing back more germs than homework - and they immediately and generously share those bugs with the rest of the household! Some of the Back to School Essentials we would advise include:

  • Powdered Vitamin C. This is easier to administer than tablets for kids (I just slip some into the drink bottles) and if sipped throughout the day is much more effective at warding off bugs than one tablet taken in the morning. We have a bottle by Biocare that costs €9.95 and will last your family much longer than the same amount spent on pills.
  • A Neti Pot or a Nasal Wash is a great way of keeping small sinuses free of infection. These days we have one that is super small and easy to use; and you can buy little sachets of salt to make up the saline solution in the right strength. This has been shown to reduce incidences of colds and reduce the severity of Asthma as well.
    Vitamin D in a spray form. This really is essential for wintertime health as well as helping to build bone strength.
  • Aconite in homeopathic form is fantastic for colds and sore throats that come on suddenly.
    Carrageen Moss cooked in water and then added to a mango/apple juice worked a treat last winter for my little girl who gets viruses that then can develop into asthmatic chest infections, which can be nasty. I found that this home remedy really worked. If your child is fussy this is a great way of getting Carrageen into them! And if your child is over 12, Bronchoforce from A.Vogel can be added to make a hugely effective cough syrup.
  • Natural Headlice Treatments - your local healthfood shop will have several options, and over the years we have found the best ones to be Delacet, which is a tincture of Larkspur and kills eggs and lice in about an hour, or Licener, which is a Neem Shampoo which smothers the lice in ten minutes and also kills the eggs. Both totally non-toxic and safe for all the family.

Clearly, we all want our kids to do well in school, to feel confident, happy, calm and relaxed. One way to do this is to make sure they are getting the right kinds of fats to feed their growing brains. I am a great believer in Essential Fatty Acids; I give my kids a dose of fish oils every day and I also slip some Extra Virgin Coconut oil into their porridge as it has been shown to be so good for the brain and tastes delicious too!

Cuts, scrapes, bumps and bruises are a part of school-yard fun, so you might want to have a few first aid assistance on hand (in the car even!)
Colloidal Silver Spray for keeping cuts from getting infected
Hypericum and Calendula Cream to help speed healing
Arnica Tablets for bumps and bruises

For stomach problems, as children, we were inevitably dosed with a weak solution of cider vinegar in water. It was our father’s go-to at the first moan or groan and we are all still taking it anytime we feel nauseous, and it still works! I also give my children probiotics regularly, and it and be handy to have chamomile and peppermint tea to hand for tummy aches too.

And finally…a healthy breakfast makes for a happy child. Porridge is a firm favourite in our house, and I fortify it with coconut oil as I mentioned above (1 teaspoon per person), local honey, and a powdered multivitamin by Biocare for children.

I hope these tips are of some use; if you have any others to share please do get in touch! You can contact us on FaceBook or by email on We love to hear from you!

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