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Have you tried the new coffee craze?

Quick question - have you been in to see our new Cafe on Glengarriff Road yet?

It’s all change at Organico Cafe at the moment! We are very excited about our new location. We have moved - all the way downstairs! Our new ground floor cafe is spacious and stylish and we’re very proud of it. We’re launching our new Menu at the end of July. Our coffee bar has had a complete makeover: we have a fantastic new coffee machine and our staff have been on a barista training so we have a great range of exciting coffees using McCabes organic hand roasted coffee from Wicklow. So pop in a treat yourself to a lunch, fresh salad or enjoy a great coffee with something tempting from our own Bakery!

And now for something completely different...have you heard of Bulletproof Coffee™? Or people adding butter and coconut oil to their coffee? If you have wondered why, let me enlighten you. It all began in the USA (where else?) where a mountain climber turned celebrity Health Guru called Dave Asprey has spent a lot of time researching why people in the Himalayas add Yak Butter to their tea, and why it makes you feel so good. Dave was completely exhausted at the end of a day’s trekking when he was given a cup of Yak Butter tea. He felt so revived and revitalised that when he came home he did research and found that most people benefit from the extra good fats we get from a mix of coconut oil and really good quality butter. But he was a coffee drinker, not a tea drinker, so BulletProof Coffee was born.

To make your coffee ‘bulletproof’ you mix butter with coconut oil and then using a blender you combine it with coffee and it makes an unusual tasting coffee which is creamy and latte-like, but has no milk in it. And what do you know - Dave recommends Kerry Gold! He found grass fed butter is higher in good fats than butter from corn fed animals. BulletProof Coffee(™) is hugely popular with bodybuilders; the immediate effect is lasting energy, quite different from regular coffee; the medium to long term effects seem to be improved memory, improved skin softness, improved workouts for athletes, better weight management and better blood sugar control.

Dave also supplies a special ‘Upgraded’ coffee and an oil which is an extract of coconut and palm oil called MCT Oil. Both of these are available from his website - try or We will soon be stocking the MCT oil in Organico also. Until we can get supplies though you can try making your own with a teaspoonful of coconut oil and a teaspoon of butter...add a good shot of organico coffee...and blend! Magic!

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