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Introducing Revive Active

We are very excited in Organico to be stocking Revive Active, an energy-giving drink which has been formulated in Galway by an Irish Company in conjunction with medical professionals. Revive Active can be taken on a daily basis to keep you on top form, but it has a lot of extra benefits; the active ingredients it contains help to maintain your heart and circulation, your immune system, as well as improving your energy levels. Since it’s launch about a year ago, Revive Active has been causing quite a splash in Galway and further afield. It is being recommended to a wide range of people, from the chronically ill to superfit sports people who are benefiting from improved endurance and enhanced times. One keen promoter is RTE Presenter Tracey Piggot: “As a television presenter, there are times of high stress levels and a need to be very much ‘on the ball.’ I have always been interested in health and well-being, and have tried many things over the years. Since taking Revive Active, my coping abilities are far better, I can retain more information, and I suffer far less from the stress I formerly experienced. I put that down to the well-being factor of taking Revive Active and the effect of its active ingredients, especially the CoQ10. I also feel that I generally look healthier and better than before, which helps with confidence when appearing in public.’’

In an interview with Galway FM, Dr Dilish Clare (a Galway based GP who is also qualified in Herbal Medicine) says she tried Revive Active herself and found it to taste pleasant and to be easy to take. She said she now prescribes it regularly for patients who are run down and struggling to cope because of a serious illness such as IBS (where you may not absorb enough nutrients from your diet); for patients who are coping with mild high blood pressure and also patients with high cholesterol. She is very pleased with the results, both for herself and for her patients, and thinks that for the price of a cup of coffee per day it is excellent value for money.

Revive Active contains 26 different active ingredients but the 2 main ones are Co Q 10 and L-Arginine. These 2 ingredients are among the most widely researched and best documented supplements we have; and researchers into both Co Q10 and Arginine have been awarded Nobel Prizes for their research into the important health benefits. These benefits are mainly in the area of Heart Health and circulation; however there are some interesting spin off benefits such as memory improvement, energy increase, and increased immune function. Also, Arginine is a precursor for Nitric Oxide, which is one of the main ingredients in there all sorts of other potential benefits to this supplement!

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