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Cardio Clinic with Erina ScSweeney

Cardio Clinic at Organico on June 13th with Erina Macsweeney

If you are interested in a knowing more about your heart health, come along to our Cardio Clinic on June 13th. Erina MacSweeney is a registered nutritional therapist who has spent the last 5 years focusing her business in the area of early detection of cardiovascular disease. She operates a hi-tech screening service in combination with nutrition. These devices allow the accurate measurement of central blood pressure, that is the pressure of the blood as it leaves the heart, which is different to regular blood pressure measured in the arm.

“From the results we can deduce someone’s arterial age. Commonly I may see a man in his 40s with an arterial age of 70! However it is possible to normalise blood pressures including central blood pressure and to improve arterial flexibility through dietary and lifestyle changes. I have had many successful cases over the last few years of all ages, even the smallest of changes can have a significant impact on ones health.”

Please call 027 51391 for an appointment with Erina; each appointment costs €50 which covers the central blood pressure test and a nutritional consultation with Erina.

Organico Shop Cafe and Bakery is open Monday to Saturday from 9.15 - 6pm (the Cafe from 10 - 5pm). Please call us on 02751391 or visit us online at for more information. None of this information is intended to replace medical advice, so if you are on medication or are concerned at all about your health please consult a medical practitioner before taking any foods in medicinal quantities.

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