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Juicing notes...

Musings on juicing!

  • Carrots don't yield much juice but it tastes great and if you mix one carrot with half an apple and juice them most kids will drink it and enjoy it
  • Beetroot are pretty strong; personally I love the flavour but it can be a bit 'earthy' for some people. One small beetroot packs quite a punch. You have to cut beetroot up fairly small as it is very dense.
  • Celery is also fairly strong, but is incredibly health (so is beetroot!) so it is worth it!
  • Too much spinach in one go clogs up my juicer
  • Too much parsley can have a laxative effect.
  • Lime, lemon and orange juice all contain vitamin C which will help prevent oxidation which helps preserve the benefits of juice if you are not drinking it immediately.
  • For extra greens you can juice dandelion leaves, sorrel leaves, even nasturtium leaves...(haven't tried nasturtium yet though!)
  • Kids love feeding veg into a juicer!

The next post will be on the health benefits of different juices...

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