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Organico Bakery Countrywide Price List

We have just started shipping our breads and cakes (although not the iced ones yet!) to the whole of Ireland - we have had inquiries over the years but have never actually worked it all out. Now we have found an excellent courier service (Fastways) who aim for next day delivery if you order at the start or the middle of the week and take very good care of their parcels.

We take orders by email and will call for credit card details. The best idea is to order to fill your freezer (our breads and spelt scones freeze very well) with some treats on the side (our spelt chocolate chip cookies keep for minimum 2 weeks). We bag up everything for maximum freshness and of course everything is freshly baked on the day we send it so even if you don't freeze it you will get 3-4 days out of a loaf (the Soda breads keep fresh the longest). For more information on our Bakery see here.

So here is our price list:

Spelt Breads and Cakes
Large Wholemeal Spelt (Organic Spelt Flour, Yeast, Sea Salt, Water) 3.95
Large White Spelt (Organic Spelt Flour, Yeast, Sea Salt, Water) 3.95
Large WM/WH Seedy Spelt (Sunflower, Sesame, Hemp, Poppy & Pumpkin Seeds added) 4.70
Large WM/WH Sourdough Spelt (SD culture & a small amount of yeast) 4.50
Spelt Seedy Soda (smaller loaf) 3.50

Spelt Scones (the flavour changes every day but we always have one plainish and one more exotic) 1.25

Spelt Chocolate Chip Cookies (Extra Large) 1.50
Spelt Cakes including Almond Lemon Drizzle 5.95 - 6.95
Spelt Orange Chocolate Brownies 1.95

Spelt Date and Lemon Slice (very filling!) 2.50

Spelt Christmas Cakes (large and small) and Mince Pies (small but very tasty):
(all yet to be priced; usually the Cakes are from €30 - €45 and the Mince Pies are €15 for a bakers dozen)

Wheat Breads

Large Wholemeal 2.50
Large Granary (Wheat & brown wheat flour with a little rye flour and some whole grains) 2.75
Very Large Ballymaloe Nutritious Soda (Buttermilk, eggs, seeds...all the good stuff!!) 3.75

Postage: €6 for up to 30 kg (free if your order is over €40)

We work best if you order on a Friday for delivery on a Tuesday; order on Monday for Delivery on a Wednesday; and order on Tuesday for delivery on a Thursday. Last orders for the week would be order on Wednesday for delivery on a Friday.

If you need Spelt Cakes please ask for a quote - we make a delicious Chocolate Cake but you would need to ice it at home...

All the best from Organico Bakery! Please use our forms to make your first enquiry and we will email you back asap.

All details including prices subject to change without notification.

2 thoughts on “Organico Bakery Countrywide Price List”

  • Pina Lazara

    Rachel's Cherry, Chocolate Cake ...

    MY OH MY... To me it is the most tasteful chocolate cake in Ireland for sure! Creamy and yammy till the last bite. I just had a piece, I was already so full after my lunch but yet I ordered a piece. My head said I take half of it home but my tummy said NO and at it all!!! If you don't believe me go to Organico Cafe and try for yourself! The best thing of all is that it is SO DIVINE that you would never know that it is TOTALLY VEGAN.

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