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Real Nappy Consultations @ Organico Bantry

Hello to all brave parents out there who are considering Real Nappies! Don't worry, it's very straight forward, if it wasn't I wouldn't be using them myself every day. If you have the time, I would suggest coming down to lovely Bantry Town and booking a Real Nappy Consultation with me. I can show you exactly how the system works and we can discuss what, when, how pressure to buy, but if you wish to, we stock Little Comfort Nappies and sell the Full Pack at a fantastic 20% off the RSP.

We also have loads of other baby accessories including Olives and Applesauce slings which have a useful newborn insert so they are ready to go when you are!

If you are considering this, the days consultations are available are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (Friday is a good day as the market is on and the whole town is full of life). You can make a nice day of it and take a walk around Bantry House and have a healthy yummy lunch in our Cafe!

My personal opinion is that it is better to already have your nappies before your little one is born, as for a considerable time after the birth (especially if this is your first!) any decisions other than 'will I have a cup of tea?' are very hard to make, and so are any journeys. So get all those jobs done now - while you can still think!!

If you live too far to call down I am available by phone and we can ship Full Packs for a small charge. Just email me your phone number and I will give you a call (But we recently had a visit from some lovely girls and their mum from Limerick West who had a good day by all accounts!).


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