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Something and Nothing, Alison Trim

Exhibition Showing in Organico Cafe, 3ed to 27th June

Opening Thursday 5th June 6.30pm , Organico Cafe

Alison Trim is a local artist, living in Bantry for the past 13 years. She is best known for her work with children and young people through her role as Schools and Youth Coordinator for West Cork Arts Centre in Skibbereen. She is currently studying in the third year of the BA in Visual Art course with Dublin Institute of Technology on Sherkin Island. She has previously exhibited in group shows with West Cork Arts Centre, The Courtyard Gallery, Middleton, Talbot 101, Dublin and was shortlisted for the Markowicz medal award at United Arts Club, Dublin in 2005.

Scorch and Surge.
These two canvases explore two of the biggest fears that climate change confronts us with, flooding, or desertification. The images combine layers of information based on many different sources of information about weather, tides, migration patterns, including maps, charts, and photographs. The more we seek to understand the way our planets systems work the more complex it becomes, and when it comes down to it, all most of us really understand is whether we feel wet, or dry, hot or cold. Weather is natural, beautiful, complex, dangerous, known and unknown, a wealth of contradiction.

“A thing is a hole in a thing it is not” Carl Andre This work is inspired by a collection of stones the artist gathered during walks on Snave Beach, Coomhola, over the past ten years. “There is a mystery to me about these stones that suggests a breaching of boundaries. Stone is a solid material, in fact emblematic of solidity, and yet something has passed through leaving a hole through the core of its solidity. It almost feels as if we should be able to see the stones insides, or that it has been violated, and yet the shape of the stone itself feels very contained, as does the negative shape of the hole. Alongside the documentation of these stones my painting work had become very much to do with, surface, and layers, and the notion of ‘containment’ has recurred in my practice for some time now. This painting brings these two strands of my practice together, using the shapes of the stones with a surface which feels almost permeable, like skin, or almost ready to burst like ripe fruit.”

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