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Evening Venue in Bantry

Organico Cafe is available for hire for evenings. The cafe is light and airy and is ideal for intimate groups who need privacy. It is not suitable for events that would require a large amount of clear floor space but is suitable for sit down groups or talks.

The cost of the room varies from winter to summer and also varies if the event is a closed group or is open to the public. Daily hire for Sunday can also be arranged.

Night time hire for a closed group, where the group leader has Public Liability insurance. and the room is hired for at least 6 weeks, is €25/night during the summer and €30/night during the winter. Groups can start from 7.30 and run until 10.30 or thereabouts.

If the event is open to the public we need to be 'open' as a Cafe so we need to have at least one staff member present. In that case the cost is €75 for up to 30 people in the summer (7.30 - 10.30) and €80 in the winter. The winter cost increase is to cover heating costs.

If the event is to attract over 30 people we would advise having more than 1 staff members in which case the cost is an extra €50/staff for the 3 hours.

In the case of the Cafe being open, we serve teas, coffees, and sweet snacks, and wine if it is suitable.

The prices mentioned cover room hire, water, staff if applicable, lighting and heating if applicable. A public liability insurance certificate is needed for closed groups. If we are open our own insurance covers the evening.

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