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Relaxation & Spiritual Healing West Cork

Pina is a Spiritual/ Shamanistic Healer who has been based and works in West Cork since 1998. People visit Pina for many different reasons – for relaxation; for relief from pain, grief, and exhaustion; or to recover their energy after a particularly difficult or traumatic episode. In Organico we refer people to Pina when we feel that their situation requires healing on a level that cannot necessarily be reached by herbs, supplements or physical manipulation.

An example would be a person who was having sleep problems which started just after a close bereavement – we can offer her some calming and relaxing herbal preparations but if she also visited Pina her recovery would be a lot more profound.

Pina’s own description of her work is as follows:

"I am spirit medium for healing and well-being who encourages the release of grief, shock, fears, emotional/ physical pain. I use a form of hands-on healing as a support towards regaining trust and inner strength, inspiring and encouraging you to make changes essential for your personal growth and development towards restoring wholeness. I do this by receiving Divine Universal Love Energy and allowing the guidance of Angels and Ancestral Guides to work through me. I am a channel for spiritual healing energy. A lot of people call me a shaman, while others, especially the older people, say that I have the gift. During a session I use a combination of light, sounds, and other shamanistic techniques".

"Whatever it is I do most people say that it's amazing and that they have never experienced anything like this before. For different cultures the Divine has a different meaning or a different name. I respect all peoples religions, beliefs, or non-beliefs. All my healing is channeled from Universal Love and Light. There is all kind of healing, some have to be done in silence or talking, while others are serious and in tears, but most in the atmosphere of humor and laughter. I meet people for healing sessions of all ages between 6 months and 99 years old and who are from all walks of life and of different beliefs".


Most people have a session just to relax...
" I never know in what kind of atmosphere the work will be until we start the session. In the first session I make it clear to people that the work is done together. I am not, ”the magic person who takes it all away or changes things”. It is about the person who comes for a healing to find her or his voice, empowering yourself or again. I am not the source of the healing, but an clear channel through wich healing passes".

To many people this will sound very unusual, to put it mildly! However, having had personal experiences of Pina’s healing, I can vouch for her authenticity, her discretion, and for the deep changes that can be felt after a session with her. She practices in Skibbereen//Bantry, Galway//Spiddal.

A session takes approximately 1 hour and costs €60. For more information please visit her website or you can contact Pina on (087) 3519463 or email

Pina is working in Bantry every Tesuday at the moment so if you are in the Bantry area give her a call - you won't regret it!!

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