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Cathy Doyle Talks on Women's Health

Cathy Doyle gave a thoroughly inspiring talk last night on all aspects of women's health and how to live better, eat better, and feel better about ourselves. Cathy is a Life Coach and specialises in natural approaches to living and healing; her mail aim is to motivate women to take control of their own lives and start embracing life for themselves. The venue was Organico Cafe, and over 25 women of all ages attended and had the oppertunity to ask Cathy personal questions and benefit from her advice on topics ranging from PMT, tiredness, sleeplessness, the menopause, depression, pregnancy and dijestive difficulties.

Cathy talked for over an hour and a half, so it's impossible to give a comprehensive account here of what she said. She started by reccommending a book by Louise L. Hay, called 'You Can Heal Your Life'. This is a book which is familliar to many people and is full of inspirational ways of changing our emotional patterns and habits that might be causing us to be unwell. She then reccommended another book by Bernadette Bohane, who is an Irish author and cancer survivor. Bohane's book 'The Choice' tells of her experience and how she approached her condition; and her new bok 'The Programme' lays out a comprehensive approach to serious medical difficuties. Both are available from Organico Shop.

More on this talk later!

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