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Gluten Free Bantry West Cork Ireland

In Organico Cafe we offer a wide selection for people who are coeliac or are trying to avoid Gluten, dairy, wheat, sugar, salt or saturated fats. Our aims are simple: to provide healthy, tasty and interesting food for everyone. We specialise in vegetarian foods because we believe that they are healthier and we are so enjoying cooking with vegetables, sprouts, beans, pulses and cheeses that we are not thinking of changing at this time, though we will keep you posted! Our customers are not all vegetarians but they all seem to love our food, so we must be doing something right!

All our soups are gluten free, dairy free and wheat free. We make our own stocks so we can be sure of this. Our curries and chilies are the same. We make all our own burgers, falafals and sausages, so we can tell you exactly what is in all of them. We use a lot of unusual grains such as Quinoa which is hugely popular as a salad and is also great in chillies. Our salads are all made fresh and on the premesis and with the exception of obvious ones like Bulgar wheat salad or couscous salad are gluten free.

We also offer a delicious gluten free cake made with apples, rice and millet flours, almonds and cinnamon, which is popular with coeliacs and non coeliacs too.
We can also make breads and cakes to order - we have a great receipe for GF chocolate cake and also for chocolate brownies.

In our shop we offer loads of GF pastas, crackers, bars, chocolate, sauces, and cooking ingredients.

More on this topic to follow.

3 thoughts on “Gluten Free Bantry West Cork Ireland”

  • Marie McDermott
    Marie McDermott 1st August 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Hi there, I am trying to source almond flour and am finding very difficult to get. Can you tell me if you stock it or if you can get it for me. Many thanks. Marie

    • Organico

      Hi Marie,

      I know we stock ground almonds but I'm not sure if this is what you mean. From what I see online some people make 'flour' from blanched almonds and some people make 'meal' from either blanched or whole almonds. I'm not sure which ours is - it is a creamy white colour so possibly the former. I don't think we have an organic version, but I can check for you. What kind of quantity are you looking for? Kind Regards, Hannah

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