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A healthy environment in the home and beyond is really important for both our health and the health of the planet.

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  1. Sonett Laundry Rinse (1L)

    Suitable for all types of fabrics and washing programmes. Sonett Laundry Rinse helps to rinse out detergent residue and neutralizes the rinsing water (important for allergy-prone people). It brightens up colours, smoothes fibres and softens fabrics. Learn More
  2. Sonett Washing Powder (2.4kg)

    Suitable for all textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp and fabric blends. Learn More
  3. Sonett Laundry Powder (1.2L)

    Suitable for all textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp and fabric blends. Learn More
  4. Bio D - All Purpose Sanitiser (500ml)

    To paraphrase, this ready-to-use all-rounder does what it says on the tin, sorry bottle. It contains orange oil for it degreasing properties and uses lactic acid to neutralise 99.9% of harmful bacteria including E.coli, Salmonella and MRSA, while still being gentle on skin. Learn More
  5. Bio D - Fabric Conditioner (1L)

    Our sweet-smelling Lavender Fabric Conditioner is one of our best-sellers. This concentrated conditioner, delicately fragranced with pure lavender essential oil, protects fibres and leaves clothes soft and static-free Learn More
  6. Bio D - Fabric Conditioner (1L) (Default)

    Vegan, Cruelty Free, Suitable for Septic Tanks, Ethical Consumer Best Buy, Fragranced with essential Oils, 100% UK Post consumer waste bottles Learn More
  7. Bio D - Bathroom Cleaner Spray (500ml)

    Life’s too short to spend ages cleaning the bathroom. Our convenient, versatile Bathroom Cleaner is ultra-effective and tough on limescale and watermarks. It can be used on glass, ceramics, perspex, chrome and most non-porous surfaces: just squirt, wait (not too long) and wipe. (Note that it is not recommended for use on gold plated items.) Learn More
  8. Bio D - Fabric Conditioner Fresh Juniper (1L)

    Our effective conditioning formula and the rich, lively scent of fresh juniper combine in this fabulous Fabric Conditioner, which protects fibres and leaves your laundry soft and static-free. Learn More
  9. Bio D - Laundry Liquid Lavender (1L)

    Out of stock

    We’ve brought the rich, lively scent of Fresh Juniper to our much-loved Laundry Liquid for a match made in heaven. Not only is it concentrated (with a super 25 washes per Litre!) our Laundry Liquid can also be used at low temperatures and with delicate fabrics Learn More

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