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High Stability Silver (formally Colloidal Silver) Spray Cap

High Stability Silver (formally Colloidal Silver) Spray Cap
High Stability Silver 100 mls Spray Cap

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Organico has a fantastic quality High Stability Silver for sale at very reasonable prices. This Silver is also sold as Higher Nature Active Silver, the source company is the same

Silver in this form is germicidal to many pathogenic organisms, viral, bacterial and fungal. It is one of the oldest anti-microbial agents known. It is not a nutrient, although it occurs naturally in water and soil. It is used in this form (colloidal suspension) by many people worldwide, at home and in some hospitals, with many new applications emerging. Today, thanks to modern technology, a highly effective, versatile product is achieved, only requiring a very small quantity of silver.

  • Potency spec/particle size range 0.0006 to 0.005 microns.
  • Silver content by weight: 10 parts per million (approx)
  • Contents: Ultra purified water, medical grade silver.

    Storage: Keep away from electrical fields eg don't put close to appliances etc. and extremes of temperature, particularly inside hot cars.

    The PET plastic bottle does not affect the colloid. Occasional variation in colour is normal.

    The 100ml and 50ml spray bottles can be kept and refilled. PLEASE RECYCLE THE BOTTLE. Check out our blog here

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