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  1. Udo’s Choice® Super 8 Microbiotic (30 Capsules)

    Regular Price: €28.99

    Special Price €22.99

    Udos Choice Super 8 is a high strength microbiotic blend that contains eight strains of friendly bacteria designed to keep your digestive system in balance. Learn More
  2. Udo’s Choice® Super 8 Gold Microbiotic - 30 Caps

    Regular Price: €59.99

    Special Price €47.99

    Ireland's highest strength, award winning Microbiotic product is manufactured with a guarantee of 102 Billion ‘friendly’ bacteria per capsule and 80% bifido bacteria. Learn More
  3. Udo's Choice Children's Blend Microbiotics (60 caps)

    Out of stock

    With 5 billion 'friendly' bacteria per daily capsule and 7 strains of lacto and bifido bacteria, Udo's Choice Children's Blend is especially useful during the school term. Learn More
  4. Udo's Choice Super 5 Microbiotic - 60 Lozenges

    Regular Price: €23.99

    Special Price €21.99

    Natural raspberry flavoured lozenges with 2 billion 'friendly' lacto and bifido bacteria. Udo's Choice Super 5 great for kids and adults alike. Learn More
  5. Udo's Choice Adult's Blend Microbiotics (30 caps)

    With 17 billion 'friendly' bacteria per daily capsule and 6 strains of lacto and bifido bacteria Udo's Choice Adult's Blend is ideal for every day use. Suitable from 15 - 50 years. Learn More
  6. Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend (90 caps)

    Certified organic, Udo's Oil is a seed oil formulated to contains the perfect ratio of 2:1 of Omega 3 and 6. What's more, it's the richest vegan source of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids available in Ireland. These wondrous essential fatty acids play a key role in many functions including heart, brain and vision health to help you look and feel amazing, inside and out. Learn More
  7. Udo’s Choice Infant's Blend Microbiotic (75g)

    With 3 billion 'friendly' bacteria per gram and 6 strains of lacto and bifido bacteria, Udo's Choice Infant's Blend is perfect for your little one. Suitable from birth, simply add to breast milk, formula or other liquid once cooled. Learn More
  8. Udo's Choice Advanced Adults Blend Microbiotics (30 caps)

    Older adults get more from a specialised microbiotic supplement. For great immune function, bowel health and to get the most from nutrition. Learn More
  9. Udo's Choice Flax Oil Certified Organic (90 Caps)

    Certified Organic, Flora Flax Oil is a simple, practical source of omega 3 fatty acids (55-60%) Learn More

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