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Women and Children

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  1. Biocare AnteNatal Forte

    Multivitamin & Mineral Complex for Before and During Pregnancy. Learn More
  2. BioCare Children's OmegaBerry

    An emulsified fish oil with tropical fruit & berry concentrates, making it an optimally absorbed and great tasting source of omega-3 fatty acids for the whole family. Learn More
  3. BioCare Femforte Balance

    BioCare Femforte Balance is a potent mix of botanical extracts, suitable for women during and after childbearing age. Learn More
  4. BioCare Mindlinx® Probiotic

    A high potency live bacteria supplement with added glutamine to support the digestion of allergenic foods and help to maintain a healthy gut. Learn More
  5. BioCare Pregnancy & Lactation Formula

    Multivitamin & Mineral Complex For Pregnancy and Breastfeeding With Folic Acid and Vitamin D Learn More
  6. Cleanmarine Cleanmarine Cardio 40+ (60 Caps)

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    Special Price €23.99

    Cleanmarine Cardio 40+ is a nutritious blend of Omega 3 EPA and DHA, combined with organic Turmeric root extract, Vitamins K2, B6 and B12. Each ingredient in Cleanmarine Cardio 40+ has been selected based on extensive scientific research. Learn More
  7. Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Kids

    Omega 3 goodness without any fishy burps or dinner table drama! (60 caps) Learn More
  8. Cleanmarine MenoMin for Women (60 Capsules)

    A unique blend of Omega3, Soy Isoflavones, B Vitamins & Folate formulated to manage perimenopausal & menopausal symptoms. Learn More
  9. Comvita® Children’s Manuka Honey Elixir

    Comvita Propolis Herbal Elixir is a natural all-in-one herbal formula designed to support winter wellness and to soothe dry throats. (200ml) Learn More

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19-27 of 112

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