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Women and Children

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  1. BioCare Femforte Balance

    BioCare Femforte Balance is a potent mix of botanical extracts, suitable for women during and after childbearing age. Learn More
  2. BioCare Mindlinx® Probiotic

    A high potency live bacteria supplement with added glutamine to support the digestion of allergenic foods and help to maintain a healthy gut. Learn More
  3. BioCare Pregnancy & Lactation Formula

    Multivitamin & Mineral Complex For Pregnancy and Breastfeeding With Folic Acid and Vitamin D Learn More
  4. Cleanmarine Cleanmarine Cardio 40+ (60 Caps)

    Cleanmarine Cardio 40+ is a nutritious blend of Omega 3 EPA and DHA, combined with organic Turmeric root extract, Vitamins K2, B6 and B12. Each ingredient in Cleanmarine Cardio 40+ has been selected based on extensive scientific research. Learn More
  5. Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Kids

    Omega 3 goodness without any fishy burps or dinner table drama! (60 caps) Learn More
  6. Cleanmarine MenoMin for Women (60 Capsules)

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    A unique blend of Omega3, Soy Isoflavones, B Vitamins & Folate formulated to manage perimenopausal & menopausal symptoms. Learn More
  7. Comvita® Children’s Manuka Honey Elixir

    Comvita Propolis Herbal Elixir is a natural all-in-one herbal formula designed to support winter wellness and to soothe dry throats. (200ml) Learn More
  8. Comvita Kids Manuka Honey Elixir

    Immune Support For Kids with Vit C,D and Marshmallow Learn More
  9. Comvita Olive Leaf Extract - Children's SPECIAL

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