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Food Supplements

We have a great range of natural food supplements that we have carefully selected over the years. Buy your food supplements online now and avail of our free shipping offer on qualifying purchases.

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  1. Wiley's Bold Vision: Proactive

    Regular Price: €44.48

    Special Price €39.50

    Nourishes eyes and supports healthy vision in adults of all ages. Learn More
  2. Wild Nutrition Food-Grown® Bone Complex

    Regular Price: €31.75

    Special Price €25.40

    New at Organico Learn More
  3. Viridian - Magnesium B6 & Saffron

    Featuring clinically studied saffron (Crocus sativus) extract with high-potency magnesium and vitamin B6 which both contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system. Learn More
  4. Cranberry Mannose Ph (50gm)

    An alkalizing powder blend of potassium citrate, mannose, high-potency cranberry extract and vitamin C to be mixed into a pleasant tasting drink.

    Please note this product is special order only, so it can take up to 1 week before we are able to ship the order.


    Learn More
  5. Terra Nova Life Drink (227g)

    A nourishing and synergistic nutritional blend drink, with Vitamin B-Complex (with Vitamin C) FREE Learn More
  6. Solgar Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Complex

    Unique beauty formula designed to nourish skin from within. Learn More
  7. Salvestrol Platinum (90 Caps)

    Regular Price: €79.99

    Special Price €71.99

    Salvestrol are plant derived compounds essential for wellbeing that cannot be made in the body and must therefore be supplied through our diet. Learn More

    A comprehensive approach to delivering key nutrients which contribute to brain and cognitive function, mental performance and nervous system function. Learn More
  9. Quest Co Q10 30mg (30 Caps)

    Regular Price: €14.46

    Special Price €11.49

    Coenzyme Q10 is a necessary substance for normal heart function, is vital for cellular energy production and is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Learn More

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