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Organic Wines

Welcome to our new organic, biodynamic and natural wines section.

When you chose the drink an organic or natural wine, you are choosing a wine made in accordance with the first principles of winemaking, which is primarily grape juice, natural yeasts and time! We have chosen our natural and organic wine selection very carefully, from our wonderful supplier who visits all her vineyards in person and makes sure to import only the highest quality wines.

These wines are lower in sulphites, and because the grapes have been grown organically they do not contain chemical residues from fertilisers and pesticides. Because the grapes have had to fight off fungal infections they have developed defenses which has been shown to mean they have higher concentrations of antioxidants such as Resveratrol (something we sell in supplement form in our Shop here in Bantry!). For more information on organic and natural wines please have a look at our blog.

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