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Durrow Mills Organic Fine Milled Whole Wheat 100% Sprouted Flour (2kg)

Durrow Mills Organic Fine Milled Whole Wheat 100% Sprouted Flour (2kg)
Ideal as a multipurpose flour for use in breads, pancakes, brownies, pizzas, cookies and cakes and much more! Substitute it directly one for one with ordinary flour in any recipe.

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DURROW MILLS ORGANIC FINE MILLED WHOLE WHEAT 100% SPROUTED FLOUR (2KG) Sprouted flour is a unique product made naturally to help wheat become easier to use by the body, by preparing the grains. Traditionally grains were always prepared before eating but with modern processing methods this step has long been forgotten. There were three ways of processing grains for consumption, soaking flour overnight in cider vinegar, sour leavening such as sourdough bread, and sprouting the grains.
Grains tended to sprout on the stalks in the fields before harvesting but with the advent of combine harvesters the grain was now harvested earlier. This drive to produce large quantities of cheap wheat was to the detriment of the consumer as an important step in grain preparation was lost.
Sprouted grains have been shown to be easier to digest as the germination process in the grain breaks down harmful toxins which are naturally present to prevent germination till conditions are right, and also increases vitamin content and availability of some minerals. Essentially your body is now digesting them like plants as opposed a grain.
Sprouted flour also contains higher levels of protein and fibre than ordinary processed white flour.
It can be substituted one for one with any recipe requiring wholewheat flour. It tends to give a slightly sweeter and nuttier flavour than standard wholewheat flour. Also the amount of liquid needed may vary slightly from the original recipe, it may need slightly more so add it slowly.

Sprouted Flour is:
  • Easy to Digest
  • Source of Protein
  • High in Fibre
  • Organic
  • Raw Dried
  • Stone Milled.

    Certified organic Sprouted Wheat Flour (100%)
    Allergens in Bold
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