Carrageen Moss Drink – good for sore throats and chesty coughs

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Carrageen Moss Drink – good for sore throats and chesty coughs

It’s really easy to make a nourishing soothing drink from Carrageen Moss. It makes a jelly-like thick drink which, when you add lots of honey and lemon juice, tastes pretty OK and really feels like its doing you good. I personally use the dried seaweed you buy in most healthfood shops – but if you are very keen you can harvest it yourself in Ireland!

What you need:

Carrageen Moss – a good handful of the dried seaweed (about 5 grams)
1 Organic un-waxed lemon
1 Teaspoon manuka honey or local honey per person
1 pint cold water (preferably spring water or filtered water)

Juice your lemon. Put the carrageen moss into a medium stainless steel pan, add water to cover, add the shell of the lemon if it is organic, and simmer for 5 minutes. Add the lemon juice. To serve, strain into a large mug and add honey to taste. keep the pan near the stove and heat up more as needed.

You can also add sage leaves or thyme leaves – sage is good for sore throats and thyme for chesty coughs.

Drink as often as you need to – 3 to 4 mugs a day while you are feeling under the weather always works for me!


  1. Would this work as well with dilisk – or does it have to be carrigeen? I have a supply of the former at the moment – cleo

  2. Hi Cleo,

    Dilisk is a completely different seaweed, and rather like land grown herbs seaweeds all have different properties. So carrageen is really the only one for this recipe. Dilisk is lovely though so you can look up recipes for it (google Prannie Rhatigan for advice!)

  3. stiofan de burca

    Great stuff !! we have used it in connemara for years , Best time of year to pick it, isin May, That time of year the “Carrigeen” is moss free !! when you are trying it , give it away from bird droppings etc .

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